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LadyScarlett01 on 2017-06-22
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

police99 on 2016-04-27
Table version : 1.0


ghostmachine on 2014-10-09
Table version : 1.0

hungry hungry hippos

WyseG on 2012-06-25
Table version : 1.0

Hi! Your table is really interesting. is it possible to get license on this table?

Please contact me by emal:  A.Filipovich(a)

celenoide on 2011-05-25
Table version : 1.0


francois.macre on 2011-02-22
Table version : 1.0

For me and my wife, this table is just the 2nd best FuturePinball table, just behind "Psycho Pinball: Wild West"!!! Thanks you very much;-)

rcadefrk on 2011-01-30
Table version : 1.0

Bring on the zombies! A+

Reini07 on 2011-01-28
Table version : 1.0

Ein Tisch der richtig SpaƟ macht!Danke!

moogster66 on 2010-01-16
Table version : 1.0

This really is a great table. Excellent game play, art, sounds. The total package.

SLAMT1LT on 2009-06-02
Table version : 1.0

First class table. The artwork is incredible.

moog on 2008-07-10
Table version : 1.0

A must have. Polished graphics, great sound and very fun to play.

Cybird on 2008-07-10
Table version : 1.0

I like this table:
1) You can understand rules simply by playing, you don't need to read them.
2) The table isn't overburdened. You can see easily each element.
3) You don't lose balls too quickly.
4) And most importantly, it's fun.

Dope on 2007-10-17
Table version : 1.0

Clear and wellthought layout and gameplay , sounds and grafics suit the theme perfectly.
A "must have" !

BlindMankind on 2007-02-01
Table version : 1.0

Nice layout, original gameplay and eye catching artwork.

Table detail

The Hungry Dead 1.0 stats


Design and graphics by Ruckage


'Zombie Hunt' mode - Neighburgers - zombies ate my neighbours remix - by Protricity

'Zombie Massacre' mode - Panic of the undead - ombies ate my neighbours remix - by NoppZ

Main theme - Psychounderpants - ghouls and ghost remix - by djpretzel

thanks to Pangier for some additional sounds


Light 'ZOMBIE' to begin 'zombie massacre' - clear all zombies within 1 minute to receive Jackpot.

Enter Sewer 4 times to start 'multiball'. All targets hit when in multiball mode increase jackpot.

Lock ball in graveyard to start 'Zombie Hunt' hit each zombie as it pops up within 15 seconds. Mode ends if you fail to hit a target within the time limit. Score for succesful hit double each time up to a maximum of 128000 per zombie.

Hit crypt target to raise crypt score. Receive currently lit score upon entering the crypt.

Will add full scoring info in next release.


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