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yiydihadra on 2021-11-26
Table version : 1.666b

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mifyusafyu on 2021-07-16
Table version : 1.666b

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NormanPerry on 2019-05-13
Table version : 1.666b

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gibsmedat on 2017-01-08
Table version : 1.666b

compared to the ultimate version the performance is abysmal. with bam i barely get 30fps while ultimate has constant 60fps. the only downside is that the zed 1.0 physics work way better for this table, the 2.6 don't work at all for me (sluggish performance and all).

ghostmachine on 2014-11-13
Table version : 1.666b

i played this allready. its good

lobmo on 2014-10-12
Table version : 1.666b

Aweosme Table. Physics are spot on.


If you are having issues running this table make sure you hit Q inside the table and switch to the new renderer. Also turning V-Sync off from the launcher gained was able to push me from 26fps to 59fps. 

skinooe on 2014-10-01
Table version : 1.666b

to goldorak33:

set ivisible flipper ( ring at layer2) mid., feel much harder at angels but less bounce: so sometimes I decide for the middle way to search the right balance for all fractions. Chankges at scribt and models are done. All others is yours.

to:Tonytea1949: will see how I can improve.

Smooth with much gpu power. Deactivate blur and new render should help. 

hauntfreaks on 2014-10-01
Table version : 1.666b

Tony... I agree my cab runs pretty smooth, but the past couple verions of 3Angles are very jittery and not smooth at all... im sure its my system, but earlier virsions ran just fine....

Tonytea1949 on 2014-09-17
Table version : 1.666

All the zed tables have run really smooth up to now. However, my favourite (3 Angels) of all time runs very erratic, not smooth at all.  Does anyone else find it to be very jittery?

goldorak33 on 2014-09-16
Table version : 1.666


Je suis désolé de dire que dans toutes les versions de Zedpinball la bille manque cruellement de pêche. En clair elle est trop molle et s' éloigne de la réaction des vraies billes de flippers. Dans ce cas il est préférable de jouer aux versions d' origines.

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-09-16
Table version : 1.666

merci bien.

police99 on 2014-09-16
Table version : 1.666


granit on 2014-09-15
Table version : 1.666

beautiful table ; even if the graphics perturb the playgame.

Table detail

Zedpinball Physics 1.0: Three Angels 1.666b stats

byBlindMankind homepage , centinex, skinooe

added ball stopper and changed settings a little for better control, little changes with communty suggestions,

added game wall from avanger table

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