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alulabxxx on 2017-01-17
Table version : 1.11c

I don't see dmd and backglass =( how can i do ? PLS help me 

umpa on 2014-09-17
Table version : 1.11c

Awesome table very fun. Thank you. I did notice as someone else mentioned unable to complete a 2,3,or 4 player game as the game ends once player 1 loses their 5th ball. I noticed this on the other versions as well. I tried to edit script but was not successful. Any ideas?

LtFacemelter on 2014-09-10
Table version : 1.11c

From playing in CAB mode: [Updated reviewing 1.11c]

Cannon is fixed and plunger works much better. Table plays beautifully. Thank you!

Tonytea1949 on 2014-09-05
Table version : 1.11b

Definitely the smoothest with great playabilty!  Thanks for all the hard work, superb physicsCool

Zonaflow on 2014-09-05
Table version : 1.11b

Glad the targeting was fixed with the cannon.  Cool  


Only thing that needs a fix is the flippers need to be bumped down one notch and the script needs to be fixed to reflect the targets oscillating back and forth at the start (not in one straight line down), randomly selecting a target when its in multiball mode to get the jackpot (much like 1 target to hit for multiball, then two to get multiball after that, etc), the target to hit moves for Super Jackpot so that's right on.  Also, when two balls are lost in multiball, you get 12 seconds to lock the ball in the skull for 1x Jackpot.  In this, multiball just ends if you lose two of the three balls.  Also, changing the PlungerKicker to 75 degrees and its lowest strength makes a huge difference for autofire as it misfires because the ball goes up to far when kicked out by default.  Moved the plunger 2 millimeters to the left as well and it hits the center target everytime like it should.  

Great effort guys, this is almost perfect with your physics!

stevegooner123 on 2014-09-04
Table version : 1.11b

Thanks for zed physics update for this great table :-)

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-09-03
Table version : 1.11

merci bien.

police99 on 2014-09-03
Table version : 1.11


graf on 2014-09-03
Table version : 1.11

i love it. U cant beat the origional 

Table detail

Zedpinball Physics 1.0: Terminator 2 ULTRA (Authentic DMD) 1.11c stats

byHyperion, light66 homepage , Lio, skinooe, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number2524

for videomode: now key a




That is neccesary for using Zed Physic without modified FP.exe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All files included are ready to play (only start table trough Fploader.exe)

- copy all files in directory
- don't extract the ""!!!!!!!!

- extract BAM archive in FP dir

- start exe file in BAM dir and load the table
Thats it

All table fpl are are the by table creators,
I have only ajusted exe file for using Zed physic with postprocess fx lightning

the included cfg file in Bam/cfg folder is a suggestion for lightning

Pressing q:
- you can activate new lightning
- Addon trails:  this is similar pinball fx2, you can chacke the colour, also how long this trail is! It's not an artifact :-)
My version the cfg. file in bam zip, you do not need yours overwrite with that of mine, it should only be a help for noobs.

Help threat:

Tutorial for BAM at:

Das ist notwendig, um die neue Zed Physic ohne modifzierte Future Pinball.exe zu nutzen:
- kopiere alle Dateien (die "Tisch".zip Datei nicht entpacken!!!!!!! darin enthalten sind notwenige Bumper Models und die Physic)  in das Tisch Verzeichnis

- Entpacke Bam.rar in den Future Pinball Ordner. Dort wo das Future Pinball.exe liegt, sollte nun das ein Ornder mit dem Namen BAM sein
- wechsle in den Ordner BAM:
Von dort aus starte die exe Datei

Nun kann wie immer der Tisch geladen werden.

Meine Modifizierung betrifft nur den Flippertisch selbt, alles andere ist so gelassen, wie die Tischhersteller es festgelegt haben

Q: Was ist der Sinn dieser Sache?
A: ZED physic nützen ohne die ganze Tischsammlung umkrempeln zu müssen.

Ineressante Einführung für BAM bei:
Frage: Was kann man mit Bam machen?
-echtes 3d
-Face Tracking
-roll und kick Effeckt wie in Pinball FX
und vieles mehr


Die inkludierte cfg Datein in Bam Ordner Bam/cfg ist die Beleuchtungsumgebung: Ich habe dazu die Flasch Lichter verstärkt.
Im Arcade Modus kann sich das jeder selbst einrichten: dazu drücken sie "q" oder "ö"

Viel Spaß

Für grosse Probleme  hier detailierter:






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