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gavb73 on 2016-12-14

Great original table. Plays really well

LadyScarlett on 2016-10-02

merci bien.

fx2 on 2014-08-12

Thank You !

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-07-21

merci bien.

momoch on 2014-07-16

Many thanks !

FlyinEye on 2014-07-16

Very well done and plays great. Lots of fun.

ander on 2014-07-15

This is more than a great pinball game. It's also solid documentation that we were already supposed to be exploring space 15 years ago—so what's the holdup?

dkerin on 2014-07-15

The Future is FANTASTIC!  What a surprise to see Space: 1999 mod.  Thanks so much!  If someone does up a CLASSIC Battlestar Galactica then this child of 70's scifi will be mighty happy.

police99 on 2014-07-15

Hi Tii, it's a great MOD of your table 

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.


darrin on 2014-07-14

Ha, Tii, you beat me to it...I was just about to start a Space:1999 table (won't need to now!).

This definitely gets 5 stars as it was my fave show as a kid (season 1 mainly).

Well done and thanks so much for creating a great S1999 table for all the fans who play future pinballSmileSmile

hawkshaw on 2014-07-14

Like it. The flippers with bumper between makes me think of "Spanish Eyes". Makes the play more difficult and that's a GOOD thing. Nice job !

blackphoenixpt on 2014-07-14

Very good table. Sounds are really cool. (season one I would say) I just don't like one thing... The bumper in the drain way. :( I will investigate further the peeks and pokes of the table. lol (very spectrum game hacker of me. hehehe)

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