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ghostmachine on 2014-09-12
Table version : 1.1

good graphics.. WHA ? no flippers..


baddog992 on 2013-04-18
Table version : 1.1

Great for a flipperless game. Graphics and sound are super nice.

rebooter on 2012-11-23
Table version : 1.1

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

police99 on 2011-09-24
Table version : 1.1


moogster66 on 2009-08-06
Table version : 1.1

This is great work! I am better at flipper tables, but this table is brilliant!

SLAMT1LT on 2009-06-02
Table version : 1.1

Outstanding design and a brilliant concept. Great use of some familiar music too!

jmontorr123 on 2009-05-19
Table version : 1.1

excellent game well done bud

alexv1 on 2007-11-20
Table version : 1.1

This is an outstanding flipperless table and a great fun to play. Its more fun than pinball with flippers! Music is excellent, graphics, design, sound, just perfect. Ruckage, you're the best dude!

BlindMankind on 2007-02-07
Table version : 1.1

The most original flipperless table. Game concept is GREAT. (SCORE GIVEN AS A FLIPPERLESS TABLE)

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