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Table (2.1) Table (2.1) stats
Table (2.0) at Pinball-Originals Table (2.0) at Pinball-Originals stats

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ghostmachine on 2014-09-14
Table version : 2.1

Cool not bad. a little plain for SPHERE. but nice colors.

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-06-29
Table version : 2.1

merci bien.

marcosgavi on 2011-12-07
Table version : 2.1

Truly awork of greatsensible,atrue expressionof art andlove ofpinball...congratulations.I wonderif it wasatribute tosomeone,agreat artist?   star five

BlindMankind on 2007-01-24
Table version : 2.1

Not a standard pinball, but a really beautiful PIECE OF ART.

Table detail

Anna's Colours 2.1 stats

bysphere homepage

recommended: turn game room rendering off

hit "s" turnoff/on music
hit "v" for version/release date of current version
hit "f" to fade out the scoredisplays 1-4 & highest score & logo
again to fade in the scoredisplays 1-4 & highest score

hit "g" to fadein/fadeout scoredisplay 1
hit "h" to fadein/fadeout scoredisplay 2
hit "j" to fadein/fadeout scoredisplay 3
hit "k" to fadein/fadeout scoredisplay 4
hit "l" to fadein/fadeout highest score
hit "o" to fadein/fadeout scoredisplays 2-4
(for oneplayer use)

colour "Red" : spinner & jet value x2
colour "Orange" : spinner & jet value x3
colour "Yellow" : spinner & jet value x4
colour "Green" : spinner & jet value x5
colour "Blue" : spinner & jet value x6
colour "Pink" : spinner & jet value x7


for the moment there are no coloured balls
(no chance to change the ball image)
hope there will an update for FP to solve
this problem

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