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Guru_1 on 2017-02-04
Table version : 2.05b

The motorcicle sounds don't sound right! Anyone else having this issue?


Gimli on 2016-09-09
Table version : 2.05b

updated version of this table

available with Authentic Path of Adventure miniplayfield that changes slope with flippers...

try Indiana Jones Ultimatum :Path of Adventure

only under the included latest version of BAM




LadyScarlett on 2016-08-30
Table version : 2.05b

merci bien.

latin625 on 2016-02-24
Table version : 2.05b


martindf on 2015-09-17
Table version : 2.05b

one of the best if not the best of the movie theme pins! thank!

redboyke on 2015-08-29
Table version : 2.05b

wow after tons of tries to run this table it finaly worked after disabling load images into table in the editor options. indiana jones music realy brings me back to memory lain even though i never played this table.

Zak_Arcade on 2015-03-29
Table version : 2.05b

To fix OpenGL problem for ATI users: it's switchable graphic card issue, only solution is change to fixed into the boot. This is how I sorted out.

Mocorongo on 2014-08-09
Table version : 2.05b


kobe on 2013-08-21
Table version : 2.05b

Awesome! Love the spinning propellers and special editions. Make sure to uncheck load image under preference/editor option and uncheck render game room in video option and run FP as administrator(right click on icon/properties/compatibility). Enable non power of 2 option might help since most tables use it. Some tables require enable s3tc texture compression. When playing a different table, restart FP might help.

dejanne on 2013-07-11
Table version : 2.05b

yeah, the tilting would make it THE best table of all!! now i go for road girls..


ClarkKent on 2013-07-10
Table version : 2.05b

Wonderful table! But why doesn't The Path Of Adventure not tilt left and right like on the real table? Is this not possible with FP? If it's possible then please add this feature to this great table!

mortuus on 2013-06-06
Table version : 2.05b

awesome table and effects

H4cky62 on 2013-06-03
Table version : 2.05b


THX Laughing

Delta7Fox on 2013-05-28
Table version : 2.05b

5 Stars !!! Indy  Cool

mirkeclima on 2013-05-10
Table version : 2.05b


power_lord on 2013-04-01
Table version : 2.05b

Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure 2.05

Excellent FP table !!! 5 STARS !!! Cool

winehouse on 2013-03-06
Table version : 2.05b

This Table is AWESOME !!!!, i miss the ninja turtle table, i hope someone do this too.

thanks !!!! 

xxdpxxx V2 on 2013-01-08
Table version : 2.05b

hand of fate aint workin everytime. need to restart.

rebooter on 2012-12-18
Table version : 2.05b


hotgraphics on 2012-12-10
Table version : 2.05b

Had a few problems with the table. When opening the table into the editor I got a "there was a problem loading that file" (this only happened sometimes) with the IJ.fpt table, I continued play the table anyway but there was a problem with the rendering on the Bi-Plane. Solved some other problems like the playfield not rendering and other objects by disabling "High Quality Textures", enabling "Disable GLSL Shaders" and setting "Texture Filtering" to "Bilinear". Also it shut down FP when Initialising Newton on one loading of the table. Once I got it going it played very well though.Laughing

selbat on 2012-09-19
Table version : 2.05b

While I love this table because of its many details, good artwork and sound, I cannot give it a five-star rating. Why? Because honesly, it's  still riddled with bugs. One time I was able to shoot the ball out of the playing area, another the ball got stuck somewhere where I couldnt see it and I couldn't shake it lose. And just now during a multi-ball, the game ended while I still had a ball in the starting ramp. Still worth four stars I guess.

sokaaar on 2012-08-15
Table version : 2.05b

I loved this table when I was a kid. Iam very happy to play it again today.

very nice work. bravo Cool

shuki on 2012-08-05
Table version : 2.05b

great but screen not vorking

Bpainxed on 2012-07-12
Table version : 2.05b

Fantastic effort's guys on 2.05b version

You can't not to think about childhood



JBFM on 2012-06-02
Table version : 2.05b

The Best

imaestro on 2012-05-29
Table version : 2.05b

GREAT table



carburo on 2012-05-25
Table version : 2.05b


msmemo on 2012-04-22
Table version : 2.05b


lecigalois on 2012-04-14
Table version : 2.05b

Superbe table...Merci aux créateurs

skubyduu on 2012-04-13
Table version : 2.05b

Table (2.05b)
the playfield of lego versions, doesent work on my computer... anyone else??

anyway, good work in special ed 

Sablicious on 2012-04-05
Table version : 2.05

wonderful table.  an all-tome classic and one of my favs.

only minor negatives are no seemingly on-screen HUD option and some of the 'special edition' tables fail to load / crash.



FTP_53FRA on 2012-03-29
Table version : 2.05



pedecia on 2012-02-21
Table version : 2.03

Great table! Just me or the original DMD in color doesent display? I play it at 90 degree rotation on a 46 inch screen and it would be much better with the original DMD and not the black one on top the playfield. Is there a way to remove the black one and may be add the original DMD?


brkicsudija on 2012-02-16
Table version : 2.03

Great man :)

Termimad on 2012-02-13
Table version : 2.03

Yeah Indiana Pinball :D

jimmynesta on 2012-02-13
Table version : 2.03

More and more perfection every time

Keep it up like this please!!!!


Living for the day of the remake Red and Ted's ROADSHOW

momoch on 2012-02-12
Table version : 2.03

No words rather hardly - apart it is really brilliant... And the Stern version, I like it simply.

Thank you very much...

domine on 2012-01-04
Table version : 2.02

Tnks for this awsome table, but i am with problem on renders ... even with the help of the AtmanActive . Tnks one more time


dukepapas on 2011-11-09
Table version : 2.02


glxb and highlnder00 you are the best!!! its my favorite fliper many thnks.

if you can made twilight zone and world cup soccer i think this 3 flipers its the best off all the world!!!

brgljez on 2011-10-30
Table version : 2.02

my favorite pinball on pc now, mmmm

AtmanActive on 2011-09-16
Table version : 2.02

This table REQUIRES 'Texture Filtering: Bilinear' and 'Disable GSLS Shaders' in Future Pinball's Video Rendering Options. Otherwise textures are all missing from render.

mineiro on 2011-08-17
Table version : 2.02

Each time I play her FP ... I'm more a fan of you ... I know I can not get jealous as sin and so I am a big sucker ... guys thanks for your patience and dedication.

moog on 2011-08-17
Table version : 2.02

Hello Benucio, no there's no news on this table. I was testing some functionalities of the site with the latest database (before "production") to see if everything worked properly and I tried with this table, so it "jumped" in the top of the list. So, sorry, nothing new only the date changed.

Back to the table : Crazy recreation! Go, get it and prepare to be amazed!

[EDIT] sounds like a bug to me

benucio on 2011-08-17
Table version : 2.02

OK moog, thank you for having answered. On the other hand it is surprising because when I click "vote" the first time it writes me that the page cannot be posted. I am obliged to return and to re-try, and the second time it walks. I tried on several tables and him make every time.

BETA-TESTER on 2011-08-13
Table version : 2.02

i can't stop playing this table...
very good!

i made my own video of in-game-play...

lezardator on 2011-08-09
Table version : 2.02

Magnifique version !!!

pinball666 on 2011-08-07
Table version : 2.02

Very nice

Paradoxon101 on 2011-07-31
Table version : 2.02


police99 on 2011-07-29

Merci belle table le fun

Glxb on 2011-07-28

Jeromebri make sure to run FP as administratotor. Any further problems come on over to

jeromebri on 2011-07-28

script error line 30 ?? un peu d'aide svp

kaktus on 2011-07-28

very nice

CocoKhaern on 2011-07-28

This table is definitely excellent ! Great job !

SickDave76 on 2011-06-01

Amazing, the physics of the ball jumping off the rails is even in here, definitely one of my top three FP tables ever, gotta say it again, simply amazing.

dpnux on 2011-05-28

This table is amazing. thank you.

lexe on 2011-05-24

Well done! Thanks for sharing the table with us.

fanchox on 2011-04-20


acrox999 on 2011-04-05

Probably the most detailed table I've ever played.

Mick67 on 2011-04-05

I cant play this one... looks awesome tho, but i will still give it 5 :)

netando on 2011-03-28

Table doesn't work as well as others, bleeds ram like mad or has a white background.

SpuRge on 2011-03-26

Exellent job, you should make Attack from Mars !!!!!!!

armac911 on 2011-03-26

One of the best tables for FP I ever played. Thank you!

pobredemi on 2011-03-24


Numiah on 2011-03-20

Simply brilliant.

blade787 on 2011-03-20

this is a fun table to play..great work

evilelvis on 2011-03-20


djnexus on 2011-03-19

Thanks Glxb

csengoi on 2011-03-11

Is this better than VP table?

bladex on 2011-03-11

i've played the original many times i don't remember the ball going like a bat out of hell :p

Skan on 2011-03-09

Really awesome table, thank you! 6/5 ;)

moogster66 on 2011-03-07

work of art! very well done! Kudos guys! Nice to see you still around Russell!

rcadefrk on 2011-03-06

Best table i've played, my favorite along side T2....great job Glxb, Good to hear from you Slamt1lt hopefully all is well

critterbeater on 2011-03-05

One of the best!

1970warlord on 2011-03-04


SLAMT1LT on 2011-03-04

Extremely well done. A showcase table that demonstrates what fp is capable of. A +

irondragoon on 2011-03-03

My apologies for the accidental initial rating.

celenoide on 2011-03-02


francois.macre on 2011-03-01

This table is really amazing and reach the Top 5 of all FP tables!!! Congratulation for you huge talent, and Thanks very much for our gaming pleasure;-D

rehab on 2011-03-01


you are amazing, thanks for your hard work!

Anthias on 2011-02-28

edit ok redownloaded - must have corrupted. still wont work hires on 9600 gt with 1gb ddr3. 4gb ram. lowres works fine tho. Verry far from my favourite real table tho I love the theme I never really liked it in the arcade. Even so, this is an excellent recreation and your stellar efforts deserve a 5/5

blking on 2011-02-26


Thank you very much! you did beautiful work:)
all of my acknowledgements you are yours, kings
is yet one two tables what I adore,and it would like to be tried on this program, who will make it.

1. back to the future night 2000.
5.hook zone
8.adams familly
9.river boat

I say thank you for it once more,good work,I congratulate you:)

Guus on 2011-02-25

Really really magnificent work!! Thanks for this GREAT table, it's in my top 3 tables for FP(first non Ultra Pinball table that came in my favorite top 3 ;) )! With the BEST DMD ever!

For people that cannot load the table: Choose Bilinear Filtering instead of Trilinear Filtering! And the highres table will load!
I tried all other options, but this was the only option that made it work!!!!

soccer king on 2011-02-25

Thanks for this great table. The video modes are excellent. Can't wait your next table! :)

rossicomputers on 2011-02-25

Really amazing... Best Indy table by far....

Coaster on 2011-02-25

I apologize, version 1.02 plays fine. Great game.

SirQuestinghood on 2011-02-24

WoW! Highlander00... truly masterful job... a table of exceptional beauty. It has been great fun watching this table from the start... as you guys delivered more than I could have hoped for. I'm loving the special version. It's Awesome! :)

Thank you!

woerdt2112 on 2011-02-24

Got it now via the link on this site and I can only second the comments by Dark Cypher and Francois. After using GLXB's tip at Go pinball it runs great at Vista on high res. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing effort with all of us.
I rated 5 stars, but feeling a little guilty for still underrating.
Great job guys :-)

tagtiss on 2011-02-24

The best table ever.
Fantastic work!!!
After seeing some comments I had to add this. Totally agree with Dark Cypher. It runs for me on vista laptop and win 7.

Dark Cypher on 2011-02-24

This is the greatest table ever made and is now the greatest FP table out there. Works fine for me on Win7 with lowres pack those having freezing when loading try lowres before commenting. I'd give this a 6 if i could!!! I cant believe someone rated this masterpiece 1 cause they cant get their computer to run it!!! The problem is not the table. Thank you to Glxb and Highlnder00 you have made me very happy. )

maxfx4u on 2011-02-24

Amazing work, on so many levels. Can't wait to see what you guys do next with what youv'e learned from this table. Thanks

highlander00 on 2011-02-24

Anyone having problems getting it to load should goto and read the first post in the release section of gopinball, under the heading indiana jones, it gives some tips on how to get it working, if you still having problems leave a post and we'll try to help you get it working.

malfusion1 on 2011-02-24

Many thanx great work.2nd last ball didn't come out for me & DMD screens stay on longer than what is necessary which makes it harder to follow what is going on.Coin credits very slow to co-inside with coin drop if at all.A thought DMD screen may look better in back glass as well-but hay how do you go about tweeking these the table is so complicated don't know how you guys do it?

xmun on 2011-02-23

I'm on Win 7 and its not working I'm afraid.
Table loads halfway then freezes screen. Dissapointed

BOOTSIE on 2011-02-23

where's the link for the download?

Nielssonnich on 2011-02-22

Thank you! Been waiting for this for a while! Brings back memories

Helirist on 2011-02-22

What should this still hit?
T2 and Indie are serves in her own class.
Super high top-class!
Abnormal good!

onlinechaos on 2011-02-22

this table is worth 6 stars ;) i like the dmd minigames most, haha

Valentineyyy on 2011-02-21

Iam very angry becouse some table don't work on windows7, as this too.(But I'am sure, that this worth 5 stars :).

Drusus64 on 2011-02-21

very, very fantastic Work, many Thanks
Great Pinball

Volumetric on 2011-02-21

It's Indiana Jones, by reading this you've just wasted valuable downloading time. Great work guys.

sersoft2008 on 2011-02-21

whwrw is the link for download? Ty in advance

Table detail

Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure 2.05b stats

byGlxb, Highlnder00
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number1267


Version 2.05b

Updated all versions with the sounds and visual tweaks from the special editions.

Changed the depth model slightly.

Added a lego version, the same as the others but with meggs lego Indy Playfield.


Version 2.05

Added Franciscos mechanical sounds to The Special Edition and the depth model Tables.


Version 2.04

Bug fixes

Tweeked slingshots

Removed IndyStern from zip (get 2.03 for that)


Version 2.03

Couple of bug fixes

Added new Indiana Jones Special edition table, with lots of mods and tweaks.

Thanks to Steve for the flame effect.

Added Indiana Jones Special Edition Cab ONLY version, this includes the new depth model for the sides (Only suitable for arcade render mode)


A little something extra. (PLEASE READ ALL READ ME FILES)


NOTE If you want/need to use the higher res gfx lib, then please download version 2.02 and take it from there.

Loading ...
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