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aktdltek33 on 2021-01-15
Table version : 0.99


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josecabello on 2017-05-12
Table version : 0.99

Excelente,gracias,buen trabajo

sptdaniel on 2015-03-17
Table version : 0.99

Pls, construction rally table is the best, good table congratulation's.

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-08-21
Table version : 0.99

merci bien.

miownkhan on 2013-12-06
Table version : 0.99


love the new art and models

all the Digital Illusions CE \ 21st Century Entertainment tables deserve this kind of graphics treatment.

rebooter on 2012-10-28
Table version : 0.99

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

titi60 on 2012-05-30
Table version : 0.99

verynice table,nicerecreationof apinballtablefantasy

Termimad on 2012-02-12
Table version : 0.99

Nice Table

TimeWellWasted on 2011-12-14
Table version : 0.99

Great table, its not to hard so great for beginners but has addictive gameplay and a nice flow.

Graphics and sounds are top notch to.

rcadefrk on 2011-01-30
Table version : 0.99

Quality Table, Thanks Guys

philbury on 2009-12-14
Table version : 0.99

Love to see nightmare redone too

BlueDrache on 2009-12-05
Table version : 0.99

Interesting, but no "wow" factor. Music and sounds should have been updated.

dgs on 2009-10-24
Table version : 0.99

good job

Andro on 2009-10-15
Table version : 0.99

I love this table! The ball sometimes has problems in the habitrails, though, especially at the start and at the small middle ramp to the right.

Sebek74 on 2009-10-14
Table version : 0.99

Really good graphics. Some layout issues to resolve (ball holds & skips, flashing surfaces).

FreeLunch on 2009-10-13
Table version : 0.99


blade787 on 2009-10-11
Table version : 0.99

i like the update on this table..hope to see it with more of those old amiga classics...

moog on 2009-10-09
Table version : 0.99

So, the most important question is ... what's your best score ? (I think it's a pretty hard table, you really need to train to have good scores)

polygame on 2009-10-09
Table version : 0.99

Don't you worry Dark Cypher. The only condition from LvR&Moog was for me to leave as is, all the hard work they had put in the superb integration of original musics and sound bites they did. I totally respect the request.

Dark Cypher on 2009-10-09
Table version : 0.99

Love it!!!! Perfect!! Leave the sound using the old 16bit track in my opinion, if you decide to update make it an optional download.

SLAMT1LT on 2009-10-09
Table version : 0.99

Updating old tables, what a great idea! The 3rd and best inCARnation of the Speed Devils pinball game. It's traveled a long way since it's Amiga days. Disappointed that the sound and music didn't get an updated remix though. Can't be good at everything though can you Mr P.

evilelvis on 2009-10-08
Table version : 0.99

A wonderful remix of the original; an instant classic. How about the same treatment for Partyland or Nightmare??
Truly excellent stuff.

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Speed Devils Special Edition 0.99 stats

byLvR, Moog homepage , polygame homepage

Based on Speed Devils recreation

Updated Graphics and 3D models By Steve Paradis

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex