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LadyScarlett01 on 2018-07-18
Table version : 1.02

merci bien.

ghostmachine on 2014-09-10
Table version : 1.02

crashes sometimes at loading. giggidy.


raid on 2014-05-09
Table version : 1.02

Nice. But the scoring horn sound hurts my ears. And when having multiball, the screen only follows the original ball in scrolling view, the others are offscreen.

sparky70 on 2014-03-26
Table version : 1.02

Nice Work!

my backglass image is not as clear as it should be. is there any way i can fix that?// thanks/sparky


kunghi on 2014-03-08
Table version : 1.02

Love this beautiful Table it brings a lot fun!
Very Professional - keep up the great work guys!!! CoolBest with 2.5physics.


Set "model quality" to high!Wink

lpfc on 2014-02-18
Table version : 1.02

The table is in my top 5, Thank You so much for this excellent table.

Hemp316 on 2013-10-23
Table version : 1.02

It also crashed for myself as well.Too bad too I was really looking forward playing this Table too...

boriskarloff on 2013-10-13
Table version : 1.02

It crashes, Just finish to load the table before to play. Any solution?


rebooter on 2013-08-15
Table version : 1.02


police99 on 2013-08-15
Table version : 1.02


Daffy6964 on 2013-08-14
Table version : 1.02

Outstanding! A great table made better.

TOMCATTERSF14 on 2013-08-13
Table version : 1.02

Plays very well :), another high quality table !

gellijack on 2013-08-13
Table version : 1.02

Great guys. I love this table and the show. At least I have good taste in VPs

Table detail

Family Guy GOLD 1.02 stats

byGlxb, Highlnder00, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerStern Pinball, Incorporated (1999-NOW), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number5219

' GOLD (and ULTRA) Edition Mod by SLAMT1LT



' ** Version 1.02 (GOLD) **


' added new attract music song

' added a new quote when table is tilted

' improved playfield lighting (off lights are slightly brighter so decals can be seen)

' fixed Chicken Fight playing animation too early

' Lois Spinner no longer counts as a punch during Chicken Fight

' changed Stewie Pinball drain to a hole model

' bridged gap bewtween flippers and flipper lanes for smoother transition




' GOLD Edition:


' added new match clip

' added plasic shine effect

' improved all mechanical sound fx

' added new sound samples from the most recent shows

' optimized physics for 2.5

' improved lighting effects

' fixed last remaining bugs

' fixed Extra Ball so the player can now shoot again when won

' multiplayer friendly!



' ULTRA Edition:


' added all new sound samples from the show

' improved lighting and table graphics

' added themed gameroom with arcade sytle cabinet

' added bottle toys to top of cabinet (Duff beer is a Simpons reference!)

' added animated match sequence (if player wins they keep playing)

' physics improved

' lots of bugs fixed

' gameplay improved

' stewie pinball redesigned and improved (ball now drains)

' created backglass animation

' improved skill shot

' added sounds and music to attract sequence (Stewie will taunt you)

' added backglass reflection to playfield

' and numerous other tweaks.



' untick 'Disable GLSL Shaders' to see Match clip.

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex