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Mosfekun on 2022-04-19
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

My goodness, how impressive! It looks like you've put a lot of work into this. ויזה עסקית בהודו

mifyusafyu on 2021-05-31
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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imercado on 2019-01-22
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Let's be nicer. Clearly a lot of effort went into building this table. No need to download roms and fold them together with the table. Video overlays can be fun. Ball seems less ready to head out the outlanes than on other TZ sims. We have full 3d motion. We have alternative physics to the nearly-good but annoying off physics of another popular 3d sim. I actually like that they are more off...they don't woo me into thinking they could be closer to the real thing. Easier to hit the slot machine. Easy to get in the grand champion score list. Enjoy it for what it is, y'all. Then head to your local pinball arcade/sports bar to get what you are really seeking.

PSniewbie62 on 2018-09-13
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

excellent :)

bientot une version zed 1.0 ??

fp 2.6, je trouve que les flips claquètent...


Bigsession on 2017-10-14
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

ball get trapped in machine. onceball is replaced bothballs shoot out of tunnel kicker qnd games hust off flppers. it keeps happening 

trask42 on 2017-07-13
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Ok, look...I get that Future Pinball gives designers and coders some really clever options for gameplay design...but, at the end of the day, it's all flash and no function. This is the worst version of The Twilight Zone pinball machine I've ever played.

First, I don't need razzle-dazzle intros from the 80's film. It's neat but unnecessary. Same with the additional A/V.

Second, it's...sooooooo...sloooooooow. The "physics" (if you can even call them that) are god-awful. It's like playing the game in absolute slow-motion. You have to wait...and wait...and wait...and wait for the ball to come back down from the top and, by the time it gets there, you know exactly what to do and where to shoot. There's no challenge -- but wait! The flippers also suck! I could hit NEITHER ramp in three games. And that was me practically smashing the flipper buttons to put enough force behind my shots. I hit the bottom of the gumball ramp FOUR STRAIGHT TIMES and the ball would go no further than that. It's like trying to hit a bowling ball with a golf club.

I had 250 million on the game and that took a full half hour. Had I actually hit some ramps, it would have been a billion point game in a fraction of the time and I've NEVER hit a billion on this table in my life because the ball moves 100 times faster on this table in Visual Pinball and in real life.

It's neat to look at and I love the design...but the rest is just unforgivable. And I LOVE SLAMT1LT and rom's stuff.

JAWS should be a real table in real life.

I can't abide by this version of TZ, though. Sorry.

gibsmedat on 2017-07-10
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

@powell: not missing anyhing, check your settings.

Powell on 2016-10-09
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Missing alot of textures

ghostmachine on 2014-11-17
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

yuki on 2014-08-17
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Great! Thanks

bennko64 on 2014-03-27
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Physics 2.6 sometimes causes the flippers to not hit the ball with enough force making ramps at the top of the table very hard to make, the old table plays better with the older physics on this one.

stevegooner123 on 2014-02-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Thanks very much for the update ;-)

Skyrider on 2014-02-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Thx for this nice update Slam. Fantastic work! Also a big thank you to Rom and Francisco!!

titomartinez on 2014-02-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6


hyperball91 on 2014-02-08
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Thank you rom and Francisco for an excellent recreation.  You guys did a great job! Good mod too Slam.

moi16 on 2013-12-10
Table version : 1.10 Physics 2.5

With all maximun graphic setting some textures doesnt load

6elvis9 on 2013-09-17
Table version : 1.10


police99 on 2013-08-14
Table version : 1.10


gellijack on 2013-08-13
Table version : 1.10

Good work guys

HELLINKO on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.10


toyotaboy on 2013-08-12
Table version : 1.10

Not sure if I like the added temporary LCD in the backbox, or the added sounds.  I DO like that you finally adjusted the plunger so I can actually make a skillshot into the rocket.

Table detail

The Twilight Zone 20th Anniversary ULTIMATE 1.02 Physics 2.6 stats

byfrancisco666, rom, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerMidway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated (1988-1999), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number2684

' 20th Anniversary/ULTIMATE Edition Mod - SLAMT1LT



' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.02 **


' improved lighting

' fixed a minor bug


' ** ULTIMATE Edition 1.01 **


' added new mechanical sounds

' improved physics

' improved graphics

' improved ramps



' ** Version 1.10 **


' fixed Rod Serling movie not fading out

' improved upper playfield texture lighting



' ** Version 1.09 **


' improved some mechanical sound fx

' improvements to overall lighting and graphics

' physics tweaked for 2.5



' ** Version 1.08 **


' - adjusted some sound fx



' ** Version 1.07 **


' - moved movie clips to backglass

' - improved some mechanical sounds



'** Version 1.06 **


'- fixed bug that would cause slot machine kicker to kick out endless balls

'- fixed Muliball Mode starting during Powerball Mania

'- added new Game Over movie clip

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex