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Sonic the HedgeHog 2 V2.5 textures Mod Sonic the HedgeHog 2 V2.5 textures Mod stats

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Table version : 2.5

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jabirsheikh on 2020-01-01
Table version : 2.5

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denzelpaul05 on 2019-12-14
Table version : 2.5

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Table version : 2.5

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MichaelHussey on 2019-10-30
Table version : 2.5

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SaraTom on 2019-10-01
Table version : 2.5

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ghostmachine on 2014-07-15
Table version : 2.5

Cool cool. i grew up with sonic. so much fun.


radiantsilver on 2011-10-25
Table version : 2.5

The sound use and concept keep my vote up. The table looks and sounds beautiful, but in all my plays I've noticed that hitting the slingshots is usually instant death via the left outlane. The right slingshot almost always bounces the ball straight into the left outlane.

onlinechaos on 2011-10-08
Table version : 2.5

nice table

quadry09 on 2011-09-25
Table version : 2.5

awsome dude

ThreeEyedPea on 2011-07-19
Table version : 2.5

Absolutely brilliant. Great use of sound effects.

rcadefrk on 2011-01-30
Table version : 2.5

One of the funnest tables ive played, thanks PinWizKid

Aduke on 2010-12-23
Table version : 2.5

This a very good pinball. I don't like specially sonic, but gameplay, audio and graphics of this pinball are really good. But It's a unfortunate that not a system to get the jackpot a new time in the same multiball. Thank you for this table

Mystman on 2009-11-26
Table version : 2.5

The sounds and visuals are just perfectly integrated. The gameplay is fun and straightforward. One of my favorite tables. =)

BlindMankind on 2007-02-09
Table version : 2.5

Nice playfield design and perfect ambientation. Awesome recreation of SONIC's game essence!

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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 2.5 stats

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