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Space Cadet 3D 3.0 stats

byfranzleo homepage , Wild
TypeRecreation (videogame)
DateMaxis 1996

Dear friends, this game-flippers that I created (or update) for FUN ONLY, and above all for FREE,which is downloadable ONLY, in this sites PinSim,or/and maybe in Pinball nirvana. If you see it on other sites, know that it was against my will, and consequently it could be usedfor profit purposes,I urge you not to compromise with users or owners of incorrect sites,which require some type of specific action to download this game.

This table only works with Bam and precisely with the v.1.5-334,or the most updated one,that you can download here below.


Gianfranco (Franzleo) did a masterful job making this table, I (Paolo / wild) updated to Bam, and added many things.

Space Cadet 3D (Maxis, 1996) pinball: Version "3.0"Bam version.
* Added Bam Staff.
* Added Optimal Physics.
* Added Backbox DMD info.
* Added Multiball WormHoleKicker.
* Added New System Of Magnete On Gravity Well.
* Added New System Color For All Bumpers And Arrow WormHole Light.
* Added Change Color Arrow On The Spinner Hyperspace.
* Added Some Sound And New Music.
* Fixed Some Error.
* Added Many Ornament.

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