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idealassignment on 2020-09-19
Table version : 2.35

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Table version : 2.35

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rjx2 on 2020-09-13
Table version : 2.35

Original table. Lovely. I like that crazy multiball

sersoft2008 on 2020-09-08
Table version : 2.35

hq selenoid.fpl not found where i download this?


Table detail

Fortnite Chapter 2 2.35 stats

byAduke homepage

First thing : This pinball is hard, don't worry if balls go to drain, you must play more & more to take it (That why it has 5 balls per games & building popups)




A unexcepted release must arrive after a let's play on the 1.32 with a very good game. That where I see a big mistake that it not allow the player to reach Battle Royale multiball. Video with comments :


Idea in my head, don't know why, but it was done pretty quickly. Added also features that appear in newer pinballs.


Game still the same as 1.34, it's just a second run. 1.34 still avaiable.


What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v2.35:

- Design & map updated for Chapter 2 of Fortnite

- Musics replaced by musics from lobby and game

- New weapons sounds.

- Decrease time for resetting ressources drop targets.

- Added more ball saver for 3 seconds & reviewed timer for multiballs

- Unnerf building ressources collect

- Fix Video mode start. It stay ON while multiball starting.

- Added change POI city while hitting bumpers

- Renamed CROSSBOW to BOXFIGHT for double scoring letters

- Few minor bugs fixes


What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.34:

- New game over music from season 3-5

- Fortnite's drop targets keep in memory for next ball.

- "Tomato Town" renamed to "Tomato Temple"

- Added "Victory Royale" topper.

- Extra ball now lit every 4 citites.


 What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.33:

- New apron personal texture.

- Strom Multiball start bugs. Fixed.

- Musics reset during last 1 multiball sometimes. Fixed.

- Build menu not avaiable anymore during storm multiball (due to strom MB bugs).

- New mystery system. Extra ball & special chances reduce.

- Flush Factory & Lucky Landing not reset for new game. Fixed.

- Added "same player shoot again" display when player must play his extra ball.

- Map update to season 5 map. This won't change the game, it's just design.

- Slingshots plastics changed.


What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.32:

- Pinball based now with somes new features from season 4

- Map update to season 4 map

- Bush trigger error, the second one didn't work. Fixed

- Re-balance building ressources addition

- New musics & sounds

- Add lama bonus


- Few minor & major bugs fixes




What's news in Fortnite Battle Royale v1.30:

- Playfield texture more complete & improved

- Super skill shot if ball goes to the storm kicker, award 4x skill shot value

- All cities are playable, mission are differents, multiballs or timers.

- Sniper hurryup mode added.

- Somes decal added

- Mystery "Add a ball","relit kills" features added.

- Eliminations are always lit. It was not a jackpot anymore.

- Elimination require 50 kills. It was 10 before.

- Elimination score increase by 5,000.

- Fast Scoring now start by complete "MINIGUN". It was just "FAST" before.

- Double scoring now start by completing "CROSSBOW". It was "DOUBLE" before.

- Added "Last One standing" multiball mode.

- Collect a weapon now start a small one shot video mode.

- Items are collectable

- Build protection are now avaiable in the left kicker.

- Bush sneak in award you kill sometimes.

- Battle Royale Multiball playable. Was just giving 50M points before.


- Mystery didn't stop mission timer. This is fixed now.

- Storm multiball was not ready sometimes after a multiball. This is fixed now.

- Extra ball was give immediatly after a mystery. This was moved to the left kicker and replaced by "Build menu"


- Name cities skill shot give now a random name where you're take on. (just design)

- Elimination give a random name on a list. (just design)

- Lots of news sounds added.


- Code optimisation

- Minor bugs fixes




Tell me if you're victim of a bug or something wrong/not normal to happend (stuck balls). 


Pour information, je parle aussi Francais si vous préférez ;)

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