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goalken on 2020-09-17
Table version : v 1.0

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alexjamse on 2020-09-17
Table version : v 1.0

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paul2 on 2020-09-16
Table version : v 1.0

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nushra45 on 2020-09-09
Table version : v 1.0

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bessiewatts18 on 2020-07-22
Table version : v 1.0

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alex0 on 2020-06-03
Table version : v 1.0

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Pelos on 2020-05-22
Table version : v 1.0

Gracias por tu comentario kikelt!! Wink

kikelt on 2020-05-21
Table version : v 1.0

Muy buena tabla!!! Gracias por el tiempo que dedicas en crear estos recuerdos Laughing. ahora a darle caña!!!

harmonxjim33 on 2020-05-10
Table version : v 1.0

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paalberto on 2020-05-03
Table version : v 1.0

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christolez on 2020-05-01
Table version : v 1.0

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LadyScarlett01 on 2020-04-25
Table version : v 1.0

merci bien

dkerin on 2020-04-25
Table version : v 1.0

I think you did a really nice job with this!   All I ever did was re-sklin an existing table with different graphics and theme.   Many thanks for making this!

police99 on 2020-04-24
Table version : v 1.0


cestmoi on 2020-04-24
Table version : v 1.0

Plutôt bien pour une première je trouve

bille un peu rapide cependant

Table detail

Running Horse (INDER) v 1.0 stats

TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerIndustria (Electromecánica) de Recreativos S.A (1970-1993), Madrid, Spain
IPDB Number4414

I was looking for this table and found nothing for FP. I have recreated it based on the little information on the internet and the memories of when I was a child. It is not a perfect recreation, I know, but I do not have notions of photoshop either, I don't have much idea of ​​programming, either if you want to improve it, I appreciate it. a greeting

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