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GeorgeH on 2018-03-29
Table version : 1.00

Note that the info tab says says this table is optimized for physic version 2.3.  The downlopad has a "Future Pinball.exe" file in the download that I verified uses Version 2 of Physics 2.3.  You should use the "fp-p2.3 Version 2.xml" file that is in the BAM download.



mrrrrcrow on 2013-12-24
Table version : 1.00

Brilliant table

nyggas20 on 2013-10-30
Table version : 1.00

Awesome table i love this table in amiga :))Cool

SargentoTITO on 2013-05-14
Table version : 1.00

Thanks. Awesome xD

harvey79 on 2013-05-14
Table version : 1.00

thank you so much for this table :)

6elvis9 on 2013-05-07
Table version : 1.00

No bad !!!

rebooter on 2013-02-15
Table version : 1.00


marcbeast on 2012-11-09
Table version : 1.00

Ficken?..ficki ficki?

aralezkkk on 2012-09-14
Table version : 1.00

Pinball Dreams + good FP table makers = Autowin!!! Laughing


evilelvis on 2012-06-30
Table version : 1.00

Huge thanks for a GREAT table!

paranoicb on 2012-06-30
Table version : 1.00

Perfect table

I would love to see all he amiga pinball

recreations like slam tilt games :D


police99 on 2012-06-29
Table version : 1.00


momoch on 2012-06-28
Table version : 1.00

One of my fasvorites tables !!!!

I like very much the improvements brought to the original version

Thanks a lot, at all the team of realisazion.


BIL on 2012-06-28
Table version : 1.00

  1. Perfect pinball dreams table recreationSmilethank you to all four

timoff on 2012-06-28
Table version : 1.00

i'ts great, i like the way the

flashers were used...

Table detail

Pinball Dreams: Nightmare 1.00 stats

byIamMrBongo, Jerry Winter, Sebek74, Slash2084
TypeRecreation (videogame)
EditorDigital Illusions CE (1988-2004)

Theme: Walk the graveyard and don't allow to be scared.
Remake of classic table from Pinball Dreams game by Digital Illusions released on Amiga in 1992.

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex