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LadyScarlett01 on 2019-12-11
Table version : 1.27

merci  bien.

police99 on 2019-12-10
Table version : 1.26


Table detail

Joueur du Grenier 1.40 stats

byAduke homepage

The second (and last) pinball from 2019. An old project from 2010 took from archives.

This table as a DMD, it's a prototype. Probably will use DMD for next pinballs. Give me your feedback.


As always, a big thanks to "BAM" for possibilities to make custom physics & bug fixes. tested on 1.4-233 just fine.


Biggest update ever done so far for me, decided after 1 year of release, the "Revision 2020-1.40". Must be released for christmas at first, but I prefer to be sure that everything is fine. Possible minor update coming if necessary, but this is actually the stable version.


A gameplay? Yes, of course, all showed here except wizard mode (1.36 Beta) :


What's news in Joueur du Grenier 1.40?

- Playfield texture more complete & improved

- Additional information about ROMs & cheats on playfield.

- Added DMD animation (global)

- Added super pops

- Added display value of ROMs & cheats

- Added condition to light Extra ball. Mystery, start 2 or 5 console, 11,5k fast scoring value.

- Added secret skill shot

- Transformation value variable. 20k 50k & 90k. Only 10k when nothing to do

- Transformation adding how many left before console.

- Vengeance multiball rename to Annihilation multiball

- Joueur mystery has more selection

- Selective Skill shot enable

- Variable Skill shot value, depend of selection.

- Add more time is avaiable in fast scoring mode if value is 10,6k 11,2k or 11,8k

- Cheats collectable by upper right inlane enable

- ROMs collectable by upper left trigger enable

- Cheats can be used to advance in mode.

- Added Mario coin effects & lights for Nintendo 64 mode and super pops reward.

- Wrong value printing while collect shots in console mode, but points given OK. All Fixed.

- ROMs complete a mode immediatly, except playstation.

- Double & Triple jackpot award 1 password

- Variable Jackpot value.

- Super jackpot in Annihilation multiball award 1 ROM

- Super mystery is now a user selection.

- Super mystery printed mode total. Fixed

- JOUEUR's lights on panel not working proprely. Fixed

- Possible to lit console mode but with all 8 started or completed. Fixed

- Xbox letters not reset on the second turn. Fixed

- Playstation letters not reset on the second turn. Fixed

- Playstation not counting mode total value proprely. Fixed

- Nintendo 64 not counting mode total value. Fixed

- Problem when no skill shot is on, super skill shot still active. Fixed

- Lock for Annihilation multiball not enable after Playstation mode. Fixed

- Lock for Annihilation multiball issue in some condition, multiplayer only. Fixed

- Annihilation jackpot reward when not ready in some condition. Fixed

- Double & Triple jackpot not given if a console shot is ready. Fixed

- Left orbit give always award. Fixed

- Musics restarted or error when a second lock is done. Fixed

- Console shots can't be done while Annihilation multiball is running. Fixed

- Jackpots are awarded if a console shot is ready, it must not. Fixed

- Extra play mode not reward for consoles completion. Fiwxed

- Extra play console didn't switch proprely. Fixed

- Extra play removed a console completed in the mode for next balls. Fixed

- Replay animation slow down blinking texts. Fixed

- Multipled scoring start by upper kicker.

- Popup for bumpers added. This will increase bumper time & hit chance.

- 2x and 3x has progressive text on DMD.

- 2x scoring can have a various timer. Timer is resetable.

- 2x scoring is now ON for 30 seconds. It was 20 before.

- 3x scoring is now avaiable. Timer is for 20 seconds.

- Extra play animated.

- Last attack multiball avaiable. Mode based for the "11 years video".

- Playstation super jackpot divide by 2 timer mode.

- Playstation jackpot not increase timer anymore if mode is completed.

- Easier to light console mode

- Harder lock for annihilation

- Harder kickback relit system

- Better quality for xbox music mode.

- More flasher animation.

- More GI animation.

- More playfield lights animation.

- Added new sound

- Code optimisation

- Minor bugs fixes


What new in 1.27? Simply the "test mode" removed from the script 


Known missing things & bugs on 1.26
- Missing DMD animations
- Sound not all present
- Super Mystery display not correct
- Console not draw on playfield
- Selective skill shot
- Password cheats
- ROM bonus completion

- Lock for Vengence multiball issue in some condition (while multiplayer game)
- Musics restart or error when a second lock is done.
- Unmanagable 2x scoring timer
- Mystery total mode print
- Last attack multiball not done

Why are we at 1.26 like a beta?
This pinball was started in 2010 when JDG was new and when I have no skill
to script it. There were some version then I take everything back to 0, like this one.
At first it was a LCD display but to much memory problem and stability for FP.


Tell me if you're victim of a bug or something wrong/not normal to happend (stuck balls). 

Pour information, je parle aussi Francais si vous préférez ;)

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