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ambiendosage on 2019-09-19
Table version : (1.0)

About Ambien:-

Ambien is a pill that is prescribed by the doctors to the patients who have trouble falling asleep. So, basically, Ambien is a medication for the ones who have insomnia or who cannot fall asleep easily.

Since Ambien is a sedative drug, therefore, it must not be taken more than what is actually required by the patient to treat insomnia. Ambien must be taken only when a person is not able to fall asleep even after lying in bed for more than 2 hours or more on a regular basis. Generally, the patient is advised by the doctors to take a single pill of Ambien before going to bed. This is important as its overdosage may have adverse effects on the patient. 


Side Effects:-

The side effects that are known to occur after the consumption of Ambien and Ambien CR are listed below:

  • Sleep Walking
  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Acting strangely
  • Being confused or upset 
  • Not thinking clearly 

Ambien CR may also include these side effects apart from the ones stated above. If you notice any of these activities after consuming Ambien or Ambien CR, you should immediately get in touch with your doctor. You should try to avoid driving a car or doing any activity that may require thinking after Ambien or Ambien CR consumption. Ambien or Ambien CR should never be taken if you consumed alcohol that night or before going to bed. It must be noted here that Ambien or Ambien CR should not be taken with any other medicine that is used for sleeping disorders.


police99 on 2019-09-11
Table version : (1.0)


LadyScarlett01 on 2019-09-10
Table version : (1.0)

merci bien.

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