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HAMZA on 2019-08-07
Table version : FINAL 1.01

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oceanmist on 2019-06-08
Table version : FINAL 1.01

fantastic , thanks for this

police99 on 2019-05-31
Table version : Beta 2.8


LadyScarlett01 on 2019-05-31
Table version : Beta 2.8

merci bien.

Table detail

Ulysse 31 FINAL 1.01 stats


left, center and right orbits (ulysse, themis and telemaque) : go 3 times in one of them gives 3 balls multiball, go thru one of them when in multiball gives the jackpot (during all the multiball time)


shirka (the computer) = go in 5 times gives jackpot


nono the robot = 5 times gives extraball = lit the "eye" of the odysseus near the flippers


bumpers increase jackpot


zeus : lit the 3 "arrows" to lit the "lower diamond" (left down) then put the ball in the kicker in the left outerlane and you go to the miniplayfield


the miniplayfield : lit all targets and you get 10 Millions !!!!


the diamond at the right of zeus : when mini is off, the ball returns there. but in game if you go there you have bonus points.


the "star triggers" on the playfield (with the colors of the characters) = increase bumpers value


the funny touch is when you play, the shark-head man and the trident spaceship are spinning .... clockwise when you hit rightbutton... counter clockwise when you hit leftbutton....

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