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Emilioack on 2019-12-17
Table version : 1.5

Different pages are heaving different information about different games. These games are not best but sometime some of them are really good and we become happy when we start to play them. I can start all for edu birdie which is important for games.

SLAMT1LT on 2019-05-21
Table version : 1.5

Love this music!   

RingMaster on 2019-05-14
Table version : 1.3

Great man ! Laughing Please continue this masterpiece ! Cool

TT11 on 2019-05-14
Table version : 1.3

Much better with palyfield image !  Thank you

coach on 2019-05-14
Table version : 1.3

Have to use BAM

Rexeus on 2019-05-08
Table version : 1.2

I try to get pics and get error 500??

paalberto on 2019-05-05
Table version : 1.2

No Inicia- Error de Script Line 219.

Variable no definida InitTrackedsoundball

charlie27 on 2019-04-30
Table version : 1.0

going be good 

police99 on 2019-04-29
Table version : 1.0


LadyScarlett01 on 2019-04-28
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

Table detail

Black Knight Sword Of Rage 1.5 stats



installez BAM

mettre .xml dans le répertoire de la table

ajout mini PF

ajout d'un multibille supplementaire , correctif popup (multiball)

toys modifies....missions supplementaires par la suite......

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