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patrikmaci24 on 2018-07-08
Table version : 1.04

Do not let me regain it! I can not download the DOFlinx program!

cestmoi on 2018-07-06
Table version : 1.04

Fantastique !

Table detail

Star Wars Death Star Assault (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition 1.04 stats

bySLAMT1LT homepage , TerryRed

Star Wars Death Star Assault (Ultimate): DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition

 Witness the most explosive light show in a pinball cabinet thanks to the new DOF addressable led MX support in DOFLinx 5.20! You have never seen a light show quite like this in a pinball cabinet! Amazing effects and animation that surround the playfield! - Lightsabers,- explosions- X-Wing and Tie-Fighter Blasters- flashing words like SPECIAL, PADAWAN, JEDI, SOLO- targetting computer- video mode


A video demonstration in my cabinet can be seen here:


This table has the complete cabinet feedback and lighting support for the following:
- 10 solenoids for flipper, slingshots, bumpers, etc..
- 5 RGB flashers
- Blower Fan
- Shaker
- Gear motor
- Strobe
- Beacon
- Start button
- Coin button
- Launch Ball button

- Fire button
- RGB Undercab Lighting
- Addressable leds
- DOF R3 installed (for DOFLinx cabinet feedback and lighting) and addressable leds already setup and working (for MX led effects).
- DOFlinx 5.20 or higher is REQUIRED, even if you don't have addressable leds.
- addressable leds are NOT required to play this table, but they are HIGHLY recommended.
- to use the addressable leds with this table you must have your DOF "config" files updated by using DOF Config Tool! (just like you would for Visual Pinball)
To play a Future Pinball table with addressable leds support (DOFLinx MX):
- update DOFLinx as per normal (must be 5.20 or higher). Make sure you copy over the new DOFLinx.vbs to "Future Pinball \ Scripts". 
- add DIRECTOUTPUTGLOBAL=c:\DirectOuput\Config\GLobalConfig_b2sServer.xml   (assuming you have it there)  to your DOFLinx.ini file.
- download the awesomeness of a Future Pinball DOFLinx MX table
- check DOF Config Tool to see if support for that table has been added to it yet  (you will see FP tables start with "FP:") If there are no DOF commands showing for that table, its not supported yet.
- "Generate" a new Config File (containing directoutputconfig30.ini in the zip)  and copy the new files to your "DirectOutput \ Configs"  folder.
- play the epicness that is Future Pinball with DOFLinx cabinet feedback and addressable leds!
DOFLinx 5.20+ download link:



Please note:

This version of the table is meant specifically for cabinet users with DOF hardware and lighting.


DOFLinx MX 1.1: Minor bug fix. Some users may not have been getting MX Leds due to a timing bug in the script.Now, around 5 to 10 secs secs after the table has been loaded you should be seeing the complete MX led effects for this table (instead of Auto MX).

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