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Table detail

Masters of the Universe: Mastered. DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition stats

byrom, TerryRed

Masters of the Universe: Mastered. DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition
You have the power of the ultimate light show in a pinball cabinet! This is the first Future Pinball table to use addressable leds thanks to the new DOF led MX support in DOFLinx 5.20!
You have never seen a light show quite like this in a pinball cabinet! Amazing effects and animation that surround the playfield!

A video demonstration can be seen here in my cabinet:


All Future Pinball tables with addressable led support will now be titled with DOFLinx MX, or DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition

This table has the complete pinbcabinet feedback and lighting support for the following:
- 10 solenoids for flipper, slingshots, bumpers, etc..
- 5 RGB flashers
- Blower Fan
- Shaker
- Gear motor
- Strobe
- Beacon
- Start button
- Coin button
- Launch Ball button
- RGB Undercab Lighting
- Addressable leds
- DOF R3 installed (for DOFLinx cabinet feedback and lighting) and addressable leds already setup and working (for MX led effects).
- DOFlinx 5.20 or higher is REQUIRED, even if you don't have addressable leds.
- addressable leds are NOT required to play this table, but they are HIGHLY recommended.
- to use the addressable leds with this table you must have your DOF "config" files updated by using DOF Config Tool! (just like you would for Visual Pinball)

To play a Future Pinball table with addressable leds support (DOFLinx MX):
- update DOFLinx as per normal (must be 5.20 or higher). Make sure you copy over the new DOFLinx.vbs to "Future Pinball \ Scripts". 
- add DIRECTOUTPUTGLOBAL=c:\DirectOuput\Config\GLobalConfig_b2sServer.xml   (assuming you have it there)  to your DOFLinx.ini file.
- download the awesomeness of a Future Pinball DOFLinx MX table
- check DOF Config Tool to see if support for that table has been added to it yet  (you will see FP tables start with "FP:") If there are no DOF commands showing for that table, its not supported yet.
- "Generate" a new Config File (containing directoutputconfig30.ini in the zip)  and copy the new files to your "DirectOutput \ Configs"  folder.
- play the epicness that is Future Pinball with DOFLinx cabinet feedback and addressable leds!
DOFLinx 5.20+ download link:

Please note:

This version of the table is meant specifically for cabinet users with DOF hardware and lighting.

Dekstop users can download the original Mastered Edition for Dekstop here on PinSimDB.


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