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cestmoi on 2021-10-04
Table version : 2.0


Comment lancer la bille svp ?


GeorgeH on 2021-10-04
Table version : 2.0

I like the old l=playfield but this on is ok too.  You might want to add dynmic flippers by following this tutorial:

SLAMT1LT on 2019-02-15
Table version : 1.1

Nice work! I would tweak the physics slightly but only slightly.  All FP games need smoke's excellent ball rolling fx now, that's essential.  And take the time to add impact sounds around the table...this helps sell the illusion of a real game of pinball to the player.  Not a fan of the movie so I never played the original but I really like the layout for this game.  Thanks for updated release.

RISTONES on 2017-08-03
Table version : 1.0


josecabello on 2017-06-12
Table version : 1.0

Buen trabajo.Gracias Cool

police99 on 2017-06-12
Table version : 1.0


LadyScarlett01 on 2017-06-11
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

Table detail

Jupiter 2.0 2.0 stats

byGeorgeH, Zobou

=== Version 2.0 ===

- new playfield

- new texture 

- modification of the dmd & adds animation

-wins the game at 2,000,000

-auto launch ball

-add new song

-all correction bug

-add rtf game rules

=== Version 1.1 ===


- modification of the dmd & adds animation

- 3d object additions

- correction of the top left ramp, the light sequence had no time to play well.

- texture correction of the backglass

- correction of "Popup3" add time to avoid end-of-ball bugs. (the music cuts if not)

- Modification of the operation of "multiball" Now possible to have more than one "multiball" ball game.

- function additions "number x" every other chance that the ball goes back to the "plungerkicker" to avoid redundancies of games.

-additions of "extraball" at the bottom left drain. (only one ballpark play)

- lays sequence light

- correction of partial pointing.

- additions of "popup" in the "drain" to avoid having two balls at the same time.

- additions of "tilted" sound

- the table is now at 6.6 degrees for more challenge.

- correction several other small bug

- The bullet saver is now at 2500 millisecond.

thank you and good games.


Correction fait sur la version 1.1


-modification du dmd & ajoute animation

-ajouts d'objet 3d

-correction de la rampe haut gauche,

la séquence light avait pas le temps

de bien jouer.

- correction texture du "backglass"

- correction du "Popup3" ajouter de temps

pour éviter des bugs de fin de balle. (la musique coupe sinon)

-Modification du fonctionnement du "multiball" Maintenant possible

d'avoir plus d'un "multiball" pare balle jouer.

-ajouts de fonction "number x" une chance sur deux que la balle reparte au "plungerkicker"

pour éviter les redondances de jeux.

-ajouts de "extraball" au drain bas gauche.(un seul pare balle jouer)

-ajouts séquence light

-correction du pointage partielle.

-ajouts de "popup" dans les "drain" pour éviter avoir deux balles en même temps.

-ajouts de son du "tilted"

-la table est maintenant a 6.6 dégrée pour plus de défi.

-correction plusieurs autre petit bug

-le balle saver est maintenant a 2500 milliseconde.

merci et bon jeux.





=== Version 1.0 ===


When I first downloaded the Jupiter table, I liked it but after playing it a while I thought it could use a little help.  So I started changing it for my own use.  After a while, I found I had made so many changes that I thought I might post it for everyone.  After I sent Zobou a copy, he told me it plays better now and encouraged me to post it ... so here it is.  The table is based on the movie, "Jupiter Ascending".  Hopefully, you will still give this table a try even if you didn't like the movie.  The table has a nicely designed layout of components, beautiful artwork and good sound.  It really plays nicely.  It is not too difficult but not too easy either – it's just right.


I decided to provide something completely new on this table.  I am providing a different version of the table, configuration files and a set of directions on how to set up a desktop PC so that you can play the table on a monitor that has been rotated 90 degrees.  There are quite a few monitors available today where the monitor is on a stand that allows the monitor to turn so it is in portrait orientation.  In other words, you can turn the monitor 90 degrees on the stand so it is taller than it is wide.  This might seem odd but turning the monitor this way makes the shape of the monitor match the shape of the pinball table.  It allows you to utilize more space on the monitor to better display the table.  I had previously written a guide on how to do this but this should be easier to implement than how I described it in the original guide because I am providing the configuration files.  The directions I wrote include instructions on how to apply this set up to other tables.  I am very interested in obtaining feedback on this version.  If I get enough positive feedback, I may provide versions like this on other tables. 


When I first played the table, I got a lot of balls stuck underneath the upper right flipper.  I figured out what I think is a fairly elegant solution and posted directions on how to implement the change on a tutorial (see link below to the tutorial).


Another change I made to the table is to straighten out the area above and to the right side of the upper right flipper.  Zobou originally made this area with some convoluted shapes which looked good but didn't play well.  The straightened section allows the ball to roll down the area before the flipper unencumbered so you can hit it better with the flipper. 


When I was playing, I had some difficulty remembering which ball I was on while playing.  I discovered the apron had a display for this but I wasn't able see it on my PC when I used the "Full Table 2" view.  I moved the display to the left side of the apron which I have found works well when I play the table.


When you play the table, there is a blue flashing arrow that indicates when the kicker for the "Market" is open.  When you enter it, you press the flippers to either keep or sell.  I thought the acknowledgement of when you press the flippers was weak so I added some new sounds to the flippers to improve the acknowledgement so you have verification of the option you selected. 


There is an option to spell ABRASAX on the table and you get 10,000 bonus points for completing each letter but there was no reward for completing the full spelling.  So I changed it to award 100,000 points when the spelling is complete.  I think there will be some incentive to complete it now. 


I found a bit of a problem with the left ramp.  The ball would sometimes go to the interface between the solid ramp and the wire cage, stop and then the ball would roll back down the ramp.  I tried a number of different things but it was fixed when I added an invisible surface at the ramp's interface.  The ball traverses the ramp smoothly now. 


The top surfaces of the slingshots were too dark.  When I lightened them, I noticed there were some problems with the textures on the slingshots so I corrected them.  I also made some changes to the lights under the slingshots.  I later decided to fix some problems with the textures on the apron as well. 


For those of you that know me, I like to be able to see the ball when it is ready to be launched by the plunger.  This was barely visible on the original so I added a window to see the plunger and made the window a bit more translucent. 


I added custom physics and adjusted strengths of objects on the table.  Quite a few folks like my physics but some think the ball moves too slow.  I have actually tried to create versions of physics where the ball moves faster but I have found I have difficulty doing it.  Creating custom physics involves a long series of adjustments that you have to decide are right and not right.  When I try to make the ball move faster, the changes I make seem to be not right so I end up adjusting the physics so it is basically the same as the slower version.  There is a way to customize it however.  One of the guys on the forum likes my physics after he makes a few adjustments.  He would usually increase the table slope to 8 or 9 and then he increases the ball mass by about 2 or 3.  I tried table slopes up to 9 and ball masses up to 38 and they does work.  So you might give it a try.  The higher the number on these two settings, the faster it plays. 


I added a way to fade out the Heads Up Display (HUD) when the game starts or leave it on (which is the default), mainly for the guys that have pinball cabinets.  I also made the HUD toggle key work so you can turn the HUD on and off while a game is in play. 


I fixed some areas where the ball was getting stuck.  I fixed balls getting stuck in the upper left corner of the table where the two bumpers are located.  I also fixed the lane at the top of the table where the ball would get stuck.  The ball would also fly up when hitting some of the objects at the top of the table so I added a transparent cover over the table. 


I added a simple virtual room with a floor and back wall.  I added an overlay for the HUD with some edited art that I found on the table.  I also added the option for 5 balls per game.  The text on the loading screen was originally black which worked OK on the loading screen.  The same color is used on the high score screen where you enter your initials.  Black doesn't work on this screen so I changed the color to one that complements the table. 


 Zobou posted the table as a beta.  I think I have made enough changes to qualify it as a version 1.0.  I suppose the displays on the DMD are the weakest aspect of the table.  I made a few changes to the text on it to improve the readability but nothing else.  Although the DMD is not stunning, it is functional and adequate for version 1.0.  I have played the table many times and have not found any bugs in the script.  



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