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segawonderboy on 2019-10-11
Table version : MOD 2.0

What is the LATEST BAM Version for you?

For me it is BAM_v1.4-258! You working on a development Version of BAM - Nobody has?

Means use your bam.dll = crash

Without: Script Error line 456 (like other people told you!

your second table Mod also refuse to work.

To clear things up: Write Future Bam Version and Number of it!

Liked the previos version of this table mod.

stargazer16 on 2019-10-10
Table version : MOD 2.0

Great Table and a lot of fun all be it Hard!

jmohnet on 2019-10-09
Table version : MOD 2.0

merci beaucoup pour cette table mais pour moi script erreur line 456 type incompatibe : Bonus  Frown

qcol on 2019-10-05
Table version : MOD 2.0

great table, thanks!!!!!!!!

cestmoi on 2019-10-04
Table version : MOD 2.0


mais les high scores n'apparaissent pas


merci beaucoup

sunweb7 on 2018-11-12
Table version : MOD 1.21

Surprenant cette musique différente à chaque target descendue. Ca apporte un moment récréatif et nostalgique. J'ai passé un bon moment sur cette table. Merci

Nitronimbus on 2018-10-22
Table version : MOD 1.21

Hi George,

Mate firstly I just want to personaly thank you for your ongoing contritbutions your efforts are certainly much appreciated!!

I actually prefer playing these older style tables with Physic 1.0. I also find some people think a table is not playing correctly because they simply have the wrong Physics. For example setting a default xml in BAM using 2.7. 

But this is a valid point and I will include xml files in future posts, cheers!

GeorgeH on 2018-10-21
Table version : MOD 1.21

I noticed there is no XML file for this table.  Did you intend to play it with Physics 1.0 or did you have another XML file in mind?



coach on 2018-10-20
Table version : MOD 1.21

Love Bally tables ty

77petit on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod

Excellente table, le DMD fontionne très bien, Encore MerciLaughing

josecabello on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod

Gracias buen trabajo Cool

toyotaboy on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod

Hate to say it, but this sound package makes this game so much more playable.  Adding some DMD animations would be hilarious

police99 on 2017-03-30
Table version : mod


LadyScarlett01 on 2017-03-29
Table version : mod

merci bien.

Table detail

Dolly Parton MOD 2.0 stats

byklodo81, Nitronimbus
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number698

Hi All,

Another MOD for Dolly Parton hope you enjoy it, cheers!

MOD 2.0 New:Playfield, Backglass and Plastics

Dynamic Flippers, Ambient Lighting, Shadow Maps, Dynamic Lighting, Ball Rolling Sounds, Flipper Textures, Ball Textures, Music and Sounds.

4  Player DMD with Animated Coin In, Push Start, Shoot Again, Extra Ball, Score Entry and Score Background. DMD colour is now in script.

Physics is in the script, so no need for separate XLM files.

Added 5 balls and Ball Saver, This table is fast!!!


This table will not work without the latest version of BAM. It is required for the Dynamic lighting. Download the latest BAM and replace the BAM.dll file in the BAM folder. I have included the BAM file needed, or just wait until the next BAM release.

For some reason on the first load up the table doesn't recognise the Ambient lighting settings. Just open the table let it load the Shadow maps, close table and open again and your good to Go!! You only need to do this once.


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