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GeorgeH on 2017-07-06
Table version : 1.6


There are step by step directions to install it here:

There are quite a few steps but it is not difficult and it is free.


gwriter3000 on 2017-06-26
Table version : 1.6


77petit on 2017-06-03
Table version : 1.6

Excellente table, travail impeccable supers travail pour l'affichage du DMD encore MerciLaughing

RingMaster on 2017-04-21
Table version : 1.3

Great Work ! Thank you veeery much ! Smile

coach on 2017-04-10
Table version : 1.3

Great a script error at line 727 nvscore...not sure if its my pc or just errors a score of close to when it happened. High score limit...didn't know there was ty

TT11 on 2017-04-07
Table version : 1.3

Don't really like the physics of this table compared to the ZED one....  The ball seems a bit floaty like FP 1.0 

Gimli on 2017-03-31
Table version : 1.3

Amazing work George and company.

Excellent update!!

Rexeus on 2017-03-30
Table version : 1.3

Great work and awesome table.





josecabello on 2017-03-30
Table version : 1.3

Gracias excelente trabajo Cool

police99 on 2017-03-30
Table version : 1.3


LadyScarlett01 on 2017-03-29
Table version : 1.3

merci bien.


starac on 2017-03-29
Table version : 1.3

Thanks to the great effort, I hope that there will be no errors in the scriptLaughing

Table detail

Creature from the Black Lagoon 1.6 stats

byBlindpeser, francisco666, GeorgeH, Miownkhan, Popotte homepage , tomasaco
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerMidway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated (1988-1999), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number588

 *** Version 1.6 ***


This version of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" fixes the high score problem that is inherent with Future Pinball.  If you are not aware of the problem, Future Pinball is not able to save scores above 1.5 to 2 billion points.  The Dot Matrix Display (DMD) is capable of displaying scores at least up to 40 billion points.  The problem occurs when the score is saved to the high score list on the pause screen.  The function that displays points on this list cannot go above 1.5 to 2 billion points.  Most table authors that encounter this problem tend to divide the score that is displayed here by 10 or 100.  In Version 1.6, Popotte has developed the best fix that I have seen yet.  He simply does not use the high score list on the pause screen.  Instead the full high scores are cycled on the DMD which can be displayed by pressing Special Key 2 before pressing the start game key.  He also added default high scores that can be removed if desired.  


Popotte added the option to be able to switch between 3 and 5 balls per game by pressing Special Key 1.  He also added a way to change the separator in the score from the default comma to either a period or a space which are used in some European countries.  


I made a few changes also myself.  I changed some of the strengths of the kickers that are located on the left lane of the custom physics versions.  It doesn't affect the game play but makes the ball move more realistically.  


Another change I made is to correct a problem when the ball rolls down the left inlane to the left flipper.  In previous versions, the ball would hit the upper part of the flipper after it rolled down the inlane and bounce out into the playfield.  Although you could still hit the ball with the flipper, the game play wasn't very realistic and made aiming your shot more difficult.  I changed the shape of the divider between the left inlane and outlane slightly so it fixes the problem in all versions of the table.  


During the development of Version 1.6, Popotte discovered a bug in the script that affects the multiplayer function.  When a player earns any letters from F-I-L-M or jackpots, they are copied to the next player.  For this reason, I am limiting the table so it can only be played by a single person.  This bug exists in all versions of this table since version 1.1 of this table was published on but wasn't identified until Version 1.6.  Popotte and I (GeorgeH) have been unable to identify a way to correct this problem.  If you know of a way to fix it, please let me know.  You may either publish a new version or send the new version to me and I will correct all the versions in this download and publish it, giving you credit.  


I also made a change to the custom physics XML files that no one will probably notice unless you have a problem with low fames per second (fps).  I had the fps set to 512 in the previous 1.3 version and lowered it to 296 in Version 1.6 so that guys that have lower end PCs shouldn't have a problem with fps.  I don't think anyone else will notice a difference.  


One of the guys commented that he preferred the Zed version of CFTBL.  I thought about adding it but decided I have already included a lot of versions in the download.  Instead, I wrote a procedure on how to add the new script to any version before version 1.3.  This way you can have the version that you want with Popotte's bug fixes in the script.  


I also revised the Version 1.3 text files with the necessary changes from Version 1.6.  



*** Version 1.3 ***


When I first played "The Creature from the Black Lagoon", I fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, as time went on I began to notice how poor the sound quality was and eventually I stopped playing it.  Then Blindpeser found some sound files of better quality.  We decided to recreate the original sounds so Blindpeser matched many of the new sounds to the old ones.  He then passed the files on to me and so I mixed them and found the files he had missed.  I created a mono library that replaced the original.  Then I found a free VST plug-in that creates simulated stereo sound.  I decided to include both stereo and mono versions in the download.  My understanding is that the simulated stereo does not mix down very well to a single speaker so you will want to use the mono on laptops and other PCs with a single speaker.  Otherwise, I think most folks will prefer the stereo.  It is what I use.  After finishing the sound libraries, I decided I needed to be able to reduce the sound level of the game sounds, such as the flippers, bumpers etc.  Future Pinball has the ability to add sounds to individual table elements.  Unfortunately, these don't allow level control.  So I moved all of them to the script and created a sound level control panel.  It allows you to adjust the level of music, sound effects, voices and game sounds separately.  Directions on how to use it are in the Notes & Rules guide.


At this point, I had spent a great deal of time working on this table and then I found a serious bug in the script.  During 2 ball multiball, one of the balls would frequently get lost and so the game would come to a screeching halt after the other ball from multiball drained.  After I felt I had wasted my time working on this table, Popotte saved the day with a fix to the script.  He later fixed a meditation error that occurred during video mode and he also fixed the balls per game so the end user can change the number of balls per game easily.  Finally, he managed to reduce the total number of lines in the script by half which he said would make it easier for others to change the script.  He also helped my figure out why the night version didn't work.  Thank You so much Popotte for upgrading this script!  You should know that all the previous versions of the script on this table are nearly identical.  The only differences between the different versions in the script are very minor additions to make the new version function.  


Since Ravarcade made BAM compatible with Virtual Reality headsets, guys have been creating tables with virtual rooms so I decided to create one for this table.  I wasn't completely satisfied with the room models available to date so I consulted with Tomasaco who created new room models for this table.  I managed to create a complete room for this table.  The room adds about 3 megabytes to the size of the file so I created a stripped down version of the room for those that have low end PCs.


Of course, I did a few other things for this table also.  I created custom physics for it.  Blindpeser likes Zed flippers so I kept those.  I also fixed a number of stuck balls.  The ball would often get stuck on the gate at the end of the launch lane.  It would also get stuck at the entrance to the back orbit.  Miownkhan found the ball would fall off the left ramp so he added a wall which I changed later.  Miownkhan also added some script to add the ability to toggle the Heads Up Display (HUD) on and off.  He also fixed it so the end user can change the default so the table loads with the HUD turned off if desired.  I also added a new loading screen and a new graphics for the HUD.  After playing the table a lot, I noticed the lights on the backboard lit the letters to the word CREATURE when the ball circles the Whirlpool.  I thought that this was a bit of an unfair advantage for the guys that have pinball cabinets because the guys who play on desktops can't see the backboard.  So I created a segmented display on the HUD that also spells CREATURE.  I added a second segmented display that also displays the playfield multiplier that shows how many times CREATURE has been spelled.  


There are three basic versions of this table as follows:


Day and Night Versions

Full VR room and partial room Version

Custom Physics and Physics 1.0


You should note that the posting includes two downloads.  One download has the Day versions and the other download has the night versions.  





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