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jerome31 on 2018-08-19
Table version : 1.0

elle fonctione pas

Whitey Weissman on 2016-11-18
Table version : 1.0

Beautiful looking table & very fun to play.

Well done!!!

Gimli on 2016-11-03
Table version : 1.0

Beautiful creation and great fun!

Well Done Wild!

zomer on 2016-11-02
Table version : 1.0

Nice table, but when the music is turned off, when hitting a ramp the music goes on again. Plz fix,,

Edit: Well, you can turn off the music. But when you hit the upper left/right ramps (the ones with the voice samples), it starts playing again. I mean the music is nice for an ending of a jackie chan movie, but don't wanna hear it all the time.


I turn the music off, then after 'the voices' the music starts playing or resumes as you say it.

It might be normal, but how can i permanently turn it off ?
















wild on 2016-11-02
Table version : 1.0

thanks guys...Zomer, ok...I have not yet understood "again" what your problem,but ifit's the music,which is interrupted when going into ramps,and you hear the characters' voices,and then the music resumes....well..
this is normal,it did so.I have nothing to fix.maybe you do not like the music? or what?



fuzzi23 on 2016-11-01
Table version : 1.0

Nice Table! Looks and plays verry well! :D

LadyScarlett01 on 2016-10-31
Table version : 1.0

merci bien.

josecabello on 2016-10-30
Table version : 1.0

Fantastico trabajo.Gracias Cool

police99 on 2016-10-30
Table version : 1.0

Merci! Belle table.

Table detail

Saint Seiya Pinball 1.0 stats



Based on a very beautiful Anime Japanese,I decided to create this table....with some ideas taken from the first three series.

For me,this is first script,that did I.Although it looks simple,the unwinding of this table, actually for me it was very complicated, but in the end with the help of my Friends, I was able to complete it.

Inside "game room",i.e,to the right of the table, there is a sign explaining the rules.and with special key 1, you can change the theme music


Both table and libraries are necessary: copy libraries in the library folder of Future Pinball or in the same folder as the table.

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