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aktdltek33 on 2021-01-14
Table version : 0.66b

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je_cummings on 2018-06-12
Table version : 0.66b

As far as I know, this table is old version from with another one. But I'd like to have this for my own collection. 

poissy on 2014-10-21
Table version : 0.66b

This is one hell of a game…recommended for adventure lovers. This involves the element of fun and adventure. I think the version is old and it needs to be updated soon. The duck targets usually screwed me up. Regards ?.

gatorboard vs foam core

FlyinEye on 2014-07-16
Table version : 0.66b

Great recreation. I played the real one way back. This one is sooo much fun. Gratz on doing such a great job!

sisterhood on 2014-04-15
Table version : 0.66b

Really good, extrem Funny this table 5 Stars!

6elvis9 on 2013-05-04
Table version : 0.66b

Amazing !!! Thanks !!!

rebooter on 2012-10-28
Table version : 0.66b

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

plexbr on 2012-07-31
Table version : 0.66b

just pretty good...i love this site!!

Mitch of Ozz on 2011-09-23
Table version : 0.66b

Perfect! I loved to play the table IRL and I have that *same old feeling* now.

It's amazing how you kept the table's spirit in this digital version.

5 stars

police99 on 2011-09-22
Table version : 0.66b


markh on 2011-09-02
Table version : 0.66b

You guys have done it. PERFECTION! Well it seems like it. I really appreciate the service modes and what seems like real ROM emulation. I used to own a Cyclone and stripped it down and rebuilt. Attention to detail is what counts guys and I give you 9.9/10.

Any chance you can do a funhouse please?

celenoide on 2011-08-01
Table version : 0.66b

Fabulasa recreacion!!!! FUTURE PINBALL THE BEST!!!!

fanchox on 2011-07-30
Table version : 0.66b


onlinechaos on 2011-02-03
Table version : 0.66b

very enjoyable gameplay and funny sounds

SPeD66 on 2011-01-23
Table version : 0.66b

I could kiss you for this great recreation of a true classic!

bobbavet on 2010-08-20
Table version : 0.66b

A big thanks mate! Between this and Centaur, I have been transfered back to the 80's at "Laurie's" arcade. cheers

jackhodge on 2010-03-06
Table version : 0.66b

great replay value, love it to bits. "Hey you, with the face!" LOL

KyRoS on 2010-01-20
Table version : 0.66b

I found this and just had to say thanks! I played this game every day for like months and months back in the late 80's. This was, by far, my all time favorite pinball game. Again, thanks for bringing back a classic!

lovedroid on 2009-12-31
Table version : 0.66b

The animated Ferris Wheel has put the icing on the cake for this fantastic table! Much thanks for all the effort!!!

Bluebook on 2009-11-26
Table version : 0.66b

Simply Brilliant and near perfect to the 'real deal' I never thought I would get the chance of playing this pin again :)

moog on 2009-09-29
Table version : 0.66b

Finally it's here ! The animated Ferris Wheel was added by simplyus (with permissions of the original authors). Plus, lights were reworked with the new light sets also done by simplyus. A big thank you for the hard work !!!

Roger31fr on 2009-08-22

Beautiful pinball machine

TinkerBell on 2009-08-10

One of the best FP recreations. A complete joy to play!

SLAMT1LT on 2009-06-11

Superb recreation. Very well done by all involved.

tablesque on 2009-05-16

Very good!! A lot of fun!!

jerk on 2008-11-15

One of my favorite pins of all-time. All that's missing is the ferris wheel animation, but don't let that stop you from downloading, this is one of the best FP tables.

BentOptics on 2008-11-13

This table brings back alot of memories. Great recreation of the orginal.

dunker on 2008-08-02

Brilliant! thanks for making it.

blade787 on 2008-07-15

this table is well done and very fun..i'll be playing it for a while...

galimah on 2007-05-24

I prefer original tables but this one is impressive. I dont know if there are any better realeses than the one i DL´d. There are some features missing and there´s no music. All in all a fun remake. Thumb up.

BlindMankind on 2007-02-02

Amazing recreation!

Table detail

Cyclone (with Ferris Wheel) 0.66b stats

bycentinex, jc144, Larsboy, Lio, PinWizKid homepage , polygame homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number617

General Description

It's a big hunk of wood, and parts, with some lights here and there. Oh, it has buttons on the side, and a spot to put your money in, and even a little silver ball that you can hit around with flippers. Cool, Huh? (Ok, So that wasn't the description you were looking for .. )

Cyclone was made by Williams in 1988. It has 2 flippers, and no multiball. Despite it having no multiball, it is still a very fun game, if it works right. Starting from the lower playfield, kinda- sorta working up, here's the description.

There are 2 of them, "Normal" size, located just above the outhole. There is a small post (T2/Pinbot size) in between the flippers.

Return lanes
They are normal size, for games of that time period. The right return lane lights the Ferris Wheel. Either return lane will re-light the "Advance X" light on the boomerang hole.

Pretty fair. There are posts on the inside of them, to keep balls from rolling up the inlane, and out the outlane. Both outlanes have "Extra Ball" lights on them, which are toggled (Left/ Right) by the flippers, slingshots, jet bumpers .. etc.

Duck targets
Just above the right outlane, 3 stand-up targets, that re-light the Cyclone ramp. First completion will score 25k, Second 50k, and the third completion lights Extra Ball on the outlanes. Completing these also lights "Bonus" of "Hold Bonus"

Boomerang kickout
Small kickout, from under the playfield, kicks the ball generally towards the left flipper, but I have seen it go to the right flipper, and even gasp SDTM. You can hit the ball in here, when the "Adv. X" light is on. This will advance your bonus multiplier. More on that later.

Comet ramp
Smack dab in the middle of the playfield (Ok, Just a tad to the left) is a ramp. This is the Comet ramp, it returns the ball to the right return lane. More on it's scoring later. You can re-light it by hitting the stand-up targets to the left of it. If you don't hit the ball hard enough, to make it all the way around, it will fall into the jet bumpers, through a second hole. It's a whole lot better than having the ball come speeding down towards the flippers, isn't it? :-)

Just to the right of the Comet ramp, there is a small sinkhole behind a single drop target. Kickout is from the boomerang hole. Hitting the ball in here spins the Mystery Wheel .. More on that later.

Cat Targets
Just to the left of the Comet ramp. These re-light the comet. You can spot one of them, via the target that is to the right of the spook house (Kinda hidden). These award 20k, and light "Hold" of "Hold Bonus".

Cyclone ramp
To the right of the Spook-House, and back a little more on the playfield. Shooting this ramp 3 times when lit scores the jackpot .. More on that later. This ramp returns the ball to the right return lane.

Jet Bumpers
3 of them, Just below the top rollover lanes.

Ferris Wheel
A cute "toy" that is in the back left corner of the machine. This scores the "Ferris Bonus" when lit (Via the right return lane). The Ferris Wheel returns the ball to the left return lane. If you get a chance, look at the different expressions on the people's faces. :-)

1-2-3 rollovers
3 lanes at the top, when completed, start the double scoring feature, which lasts for x seconds. Double score doubles all the point values on the playfield, including the million shot on the Comet ramp. It does not however double the jackpot, should you get it during "Double Score". As with most games, you can change the position of the top lanes with the left, or right flipper. (x is operator adjustable, from 0 (off) to 99 seconds. Factory = 20)

Skill shot
There is a skill-shot, that I didn't really know how to put it in up there. It requires a soft shot, and you want to get the ball in the middle of the 5 holes. The middle of the 5 holes is worth 100k. There is a multiplier on the skill shot, which is the value that you get, multiplied by what ball this is (Maxes out at 5 X). (Note: It will increment the multiplier for extra balls, so it is possible to have a 4 X skill shot on ball 3, for example).

Skill shot values are (From bottom to top) 10k, 25k, 100k, 25k, and 5k.

There are several switches behind rubbers, that score points, and make sounds. The points aren't very much, but they're points. :-)

Mystery Wheel
This is on the backglass, and has values ranging from "Zilch" to 200k, Extra Ball, and Special. More on this later.

Superb artwork. There is a roller coaster (The Cyclone) with Ronald, and Nancy Reagan in the front seat. [Former USA president, and his wife].

This game had very good, cool sound effects, for it's time. You may notice that they used the sound from when you get "Double Score"; in Fun House, it is used as the "Shoot Again" when Rudy is asleep. They also used one of the (many) whistles; in WhiteWater, it is the No Way Out kickout warning sound. There are many cool "Bells and whistles", as well as amusing buzzers. The game has a lot of good speech too. The attract mode is very well synchronized, in terms of sound, and lights.

Cyclone was back in the time of alpha-numeric displays. The highest score that the high score table will hold is 9,999,999.

Cyclone has many options that can be adjusted by the operator, including the length of certain timers. With that in mind, the settings on the machine you choose to play may vary, and just for that reason, I didn't put alot of the timer values in here. Most of the features time out in 15 seconds.

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