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JulioShafer on 2019-12-02
Table version : beta

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galahad on 2017-12-08
Table version : beta

Great table! Great work and plays very well (i'm on FP 2.5 phys).
You people are real artists... recreating these pinballmachines.

Thanks again!

RingMaster on 2016-11-10
Table version : beta

Good Table, but with physics 2.7 the plunger doesn't work... ?

pavux on 2013-10-04
Table version : beta

I hope that in the future be able to make a stable version of this beautiful table.
Thank you for what you do

meliane39 on 2013-08-17
Table version : beta


footiebloke007 on 2013-06-11
Table version : beta

Great table! Thank you for this. I love Doctor Who! The DMD seemed to have stopped showing for me. Specially in Arcade cab mode. I'm assuming this is a BETA issue correct?

valmont1702 on 2013-02-04
Table version : beta

Great Table. You did an awesome work ! The table works very well, even if it's just a BETA, that's impressive !! 
Just a small bug with the elevator & balls within, sometime. But when it is never disturbing in game. 

lmartin on 2013-02-01
Table version : beta

Got unlimited balls once the Daleks showed up. Second chance only went out again during Davros level.

Still a nice machine, lots of cool references to the show.

theduke on 2012-12-08
Table version : beta

when is this going to get a real version


selecta on 2012-08-22
Table version : beta

Love the table! Thanks guys! Voted 5 stars in anticipation of the multiball fix! :D

dergerch on 2012-07-01
Table version : beta

the best DW recreation I have seen so far - sure, there are some bugs, but I think, you're on the right way. Keep up the good work.

thebeast0449 on 2012-03-29
Table version : beta

My fav table of all time -thankyou so much

malfusion1 on 2012-01-17
Table version : beta

The more I play this its far better than its first glance.Very in depth great table really looking fwd to the final.When you push Q on the key board 3 daileks come up on the DMD screen and the game plays different with unlimited balls is this part of the beta or a bug?thanx for this re-creation great series.Well done Ian and team

benucio on 2012-01-03
Table version : beta

Thank you Ian! Very good work!  Smile

n3X_VI on 2011-12-24
Table version : beta

very promissing beta-release, thank you!

police99 on 2011-12-23
Table version : beta


BIL on 2011-12-20
Table version : beta

very good work Ian


brgljez on 2011-12-20
Table version : beta

very nice table

BernieGeorge on 2011-12-20
Table version : beta



moog on 2011-12-19
Table version : beta


Table detail

Doctor Who beta stats

byIan, oooplayer1ooo
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerMidway Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Incorporated (1988-1999), Chicago, Illinois, USA
IPDB Number738

Okay here is the BETA version of Doctor Who for the GoPinball community to try out.

Grateful thanks for oooplayer1ooo for the fine redraws of the playfield and plastics and Helirist for the early testing of the table.
Also, please check the top of the script for a better list of those who have contributed, thanks everyone who was involved.

Please bear in mind there WILL be issues with the table - it's entirely possible to play a few complete games with no problems at all, but in certain situations multiball might mess up and you'll have to restart the table. There are other minor issues too which you may or may not notice.

Feel free to report any bugs in this thread, they may be known about, but there may be others that haven't been caught yet!

If you are stuck without a ball pressing "B" will add another one from the shooter lane, and you may be able to carry on as normal.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the table so far!

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