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Nehwon Directors Cut Nehwon Directors Cut stats
Nehwon Directors Cut NonCab Nehwon Directors Cut NonCab stats
Nehwon Directors Cut Lite NonCab Nehwon Directors Cut Lite NonCab stats
Nehwon Directors Cut Lite Nehwon Directors Cut Lite stats

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hungerstrike on 2012-09-23
Table version : Directors Cut

Try this link here:

Manic49er on 2012-09-09
Table version : Directors Cut

Can't download any of the 4 versions.

Hotfile says have been removed either due to copyright violation or uploader removed files.

If was not a copyright issue could you reupload and send me an email with links to so I know you did so.



cjhanlon at comcast dot net

moog on 2011-10-28
Table version : Directors Cut

Really cool idea. A real video game!

I really like it.

Technically it's an achievement (multiple layout in one table, sprite base animation...)

police99 on 2011-10-22
Table version : Directors Cut


BIL on 2011-10-21
Table version : Directors Cut

thank you for the update 

Helirist on 2011-10-21
Table version : Directors Cut

A quite good idea for a pinball game. Really astounding. Thanks for the lite version cujopb. Works great for me. Smile

rcadefrk on 2011-10-21
Table version : Directors Cut

Nice job cujo, lite version working good. Will test NonCab a little later.

Table detail

Nehwon Directors Cut stats


Sorry for long loading Times. It should be worth the wait (it really is 2 distinct tables- nonLite versions only).

4 Different versions of the Directors cut!

Updates include:

Here is what's will be in the Director's Cut
*** Enhancements ***
- lighting added for Skill shot on 2nd PF.
- 2 more DMD screens added (for ea. mentoring wizard).
- PF 1 graphics touched up.
- several level 1 wandering monsters touched up.
- touched up the heroes animations.
- treasure graphics touched up.
- more sound samples added. Some changed.
- music for PF 1 added.
- added jackpot and super jackpots on Mouser upper PF.
- using scrolls made easier on PF 2 - via Mousers inlane.
- translite NEHWON lights in sync for jackpot
- added wandering monsters on PF 2.
- outlane death saves disabled during Multi-ball.
- added ramp miss target and sounds.
- heroes disallowed movement if in combat.
- made one monster deadly poisonous.
- based on feedback, now there is an Easy mode (lvl 1 only). Will be a key code.

*** Novice level changes ***
- shot to 'change heroes' a little easier.
- frequency of wandering monsters decreased.
- treasure shots easier, more time allowed to make.
- using scrolls made easier on PF 2 - via Mousers inlane.

*** Fixes ***
- lighting fixed for hero advancement on map.
- ball stuck issues on level 1 on top of hero switcher.
- light indicator for Sheelbas hut displays when appropiate.
- fixed DMD so it is not overwritten by score.
- synced wizard 1 to speech better.
- added color to hero selector light to indicate progress on map.
- lower plunger strength to aid in various skill shots.
- sling and bow shots animation fixed.
- nings warp cave would not always return balls on PF 2 during multiball.
- potions max out at inventory of 5.

Given Nehwons memory usage, I suggest the following settings:
First and foremost: Preferences | Editor Options| Uncheck Load image into table editor
 others under Preferences | Video Rendering Options
-Vertical Sync: CHecked
-High quality textures: Checked
-Use Texture Compression (S3TC): Checked
-Texture Filtering: (at least Bilinear)
-Processor Affinity (if duo/quad core): CHecked
-Enable Non Power of 2 textures: Checked

-Model quality: HIGH
The following is mostly optional, but may save some on memory
-Uncheck the following
 Anisotropic Filter
 Back Board Reflection (on Glass)
 Playfield Reflections (Components)

-If all of the above do not work, press preset Minimum button.  Then you can try the above in addition.

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