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table 2.0 table 2.0 stats
table 2.0 table 2.0 stats

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ghostmachine on 2015-05-18
Table version : 2.0

who knows it could happen.. ? im on GOPINBALL user name PINBALLFUN4UZ  i did ask mark1 to do a Led Zeppelin table.. because i know mark1 seems to have a theme of music artists and cartoons, also asked about a Darkwing Duck.. Cool there's allready lots of tables in the works. zedster.

zedster on 2015-05-17
Table version : 2.0

Not 'quite' as good as Toy Story, but acetastic all the same,

Nice one, Mark1, thanks heaps n keep up the good work.


Just an idea, but do you ever think of teaming up with ghostmachine, cuz I'm sure your combined talents could create some pretty damn awesome tables?


Best regards


Al & Family


police99 on 2015-05-16
Table version : 2.0


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Grievous 2.0 stats

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Grievous (2.0),
    an original future pinball table,based on "Star Wars"
 by George Lucas and 20th Century fox' films.

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