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zerta on 2019-04-15
Table version : 1.6

Hello everyone, I'm a fan of this table since very young. The DMD is not on the backglass but on the playfield, at the top left. How to put it where it should be on the dmd? Thank you

vanna on 2019-02-03
Table version : 1.6

you have to have a folder for each table, it will save you from many trouble (many frontend support this now)



segawonderboy on 2019-01-28
Table version : 1.6

Please link your generic SOUNDS.fpl to another fpl name (for example WSOUNDS.fpl or SOCCERSOUND.fpl). A different "SOUNDS.fpl" is already in use for your XMen Table and others.

I must do that manually for my collection everytime you update this table. (relinking each wav's a unpleasant chore)

police99 on 2019-01-16
Table version : 1.6


SLAMT1LT on 2019-01-07
Table version : 1.6

Amazing!  Not a fan of football (soccer) which is highly unusual for an Englishman but I love pinball and this is a remarkle peice of work.  Great job!

cestmoi on 2019-01-06
Table version : 1.6

Super table mais comment changer le nom de DMD svp ?

gibsmedat on 2018-02-17
Table version : 1.4

Great table from looks and feel, physics2.5 work ok.

banny78 on 2017-06-27
Table version : 1.4

REMEMBER CAB USER: to have the display onto the backglass,
  delete the  HUD DMD and rename the backglass DMD using the HUD DMD name

where is the file to delete? Sorry for my English

rodrigo92s on 2017-06-11
Table version : 1.4

Dmd no found in the backglass in mode arcade in 2 displays, help

peppu on 2017-04-04
Table version : 1.4

Verygoodjob Wink

Turk182es on 2017-01-22
Table version : 1.31

I'm the only one to have an issue for the bonus score ? it always say Bonus 0 ... Evenif I play one hour with same ball :)

tof33430 on 2016-12-31
Table version : 1.31

merci coolWink

GeorgeH on 2016-12-29
Table version : 1.31

Note that you have to get the custom physics from the 1.2 version download.  custom physicsis not in the 1.31 version download.

RingMaster on 2016-11-13
Table version : 1.2

GOOOAL !!! Smile Thanks a lot !

knightrdrx on 2016-07-28
Table version : 1.2

I played one game and I never scored a goal in the game compared to visual pinball where i always score many. I hit the goal twice.

shadowkiller on 2016-05-15
Table version : 1.2

Looks great and plays really well. But am I the only using bam? And can't get theDMD on the back glass?

458driver on 2016-04-02
Table version : 1.2

Nice table but find it hard to get the ball up the ramp.Haven't done it in the first two games I have played...Seems like flipper power or ramp is too steep.Cheers.

inframun2 on 2016-01-27
Table version : 1.2

Awesome table. You did a Great Job!!!

mineiro on 2015-09-09
Table version : 1.2

room I did the loop of the word cup like to send to you can I send my email to you hope you like




Skybuck on 2015-08-21
Table version : 1.2

Graphics dont load... see every grey... weird.

Ok at medium settings, the graphics show up... I also restarted future pinball... not sure if that had anything to do with it ;) (Yeah some other table caused a resource leak... now it's working fine at minimal settings :))

benucio on 2015-08-18
Table version : 1.2

Thank you Rom and smoke! 5 Stars

ozijj on 2015-08-18
Table version : 1.2

!!!!!! WOW. Fantastic Table !!!!!!!

Great work.


delazeri494 on 2015-08-16
Table version : 1.2

DMD Desloqued help me ..

pinnyboy on 2015-08-12
Table version : 1.2

great work!
Yeah Boi Another update Siik!

Thx for the update (Y)
Woah!! Looks freakin special!
Great job !

ypapanoel on 2015-08-07
Table version : 1.1

Icredible graphics and sounds !

But on my computer, the ball remains really slow and weak, even running 2.5 physics.

The ramps are really difficult to take : the turning pieces at their bottom seem to slow down the ball instead of just making a small noice like in real pinball.

I don't know if thius problem commes from my settings or from the table. After testing, default physics seems worse.

Witing for update but this is really an fantastic work in 1.1 update

LadyScarlett01 on 2015-07-27
Table version : v 1.0

Merci bien. belle table bien fait.


goldorak33 on 2015-07-24
Table version : v 1.0

Pourquoi on ne peut plus mettre des étoiles? C' était quand même intéressant pour connaître l' appréciation de chacun. Donc si c' était à refaire j' en mettrais 5 plus un commentaire du genre merci de faire vivre future pinball avec des tables de cette qualité. La reconnaissance des autres n' a pas de prix. La qualité ne vaut que par le partage. 

boriskarloff on 2015-07-23
Table version : v 1.0

Very well done. Look great. Only the ball is not perfect. Slow and the phisyc sometimes is wrong. Waiting an update. Thanks.

BIL on 2015-07-23
Table version : v 1.0

Absolutely a masterpiece !! Smile

A big thank you to both of you for this beautiful table Wink



muzik on 2015-07-22
Table version : v 1.0

fantastic job guys , thanks Laughing


stevegooner123 on 2015-07-22
Table version : v 1.0

Thanks Smoke & Rom for all of the hard work that's gone into this :-D. Physics play well & all ramp shots are possible though a bit tricky. Lost 2-1 to Germany in the world cup final on my first go lol.

moog on 2015-07-22
Table version : v 1.0

physic file is now available as a separate download - it was missing in the archive.

poohlover on 2015-07-22
Table version : v 1.0

Wonderful! Perhaps needs some adjustments, but... chapeau!

pinbwiz on 2015-07-22
Table version : v 1.0

Wow! 1.0 comes as a surprise at this time of the year! Plays well on Zedonius & 2.6 physics just like the other great FP titles from the past. Really like the models, DMDwork, gameplay, music & sound. This table (along with StarTrek) makes 2015 a great memorable year for Future Pinball.  Thanks to the whole team for all the hard work put into this.Cool

maxi79 on 2015-07-22
Table version : v 1.0

Alguien que se anime a emular HURRICANE !!!! POR FAVOR!!!Smile

zoovlado on 2015-07-21
Table version : v 1.0

version 1.0 is awesome, maybe just to make flipers a lil bit stronger to make ball go easier on the ramp,
and the score board doesn't show on the top screen when you look up at it
other than that, I didn't come to any bugs yet, works perfect

and I would like to thank you for making this for fp since this is my one of the most favourite pinballs ever 

dukepapas on 2015-06-23
Table version : alpha 0.8

you are fantastic! i wait for this table many many years very good job kepp going !!! we nedd the final table with music complite !!!!

Zonaflow on 2015-05-30
Table version : alpha 0.8

Awesome.  Can't wait for sound to be added.  Great stuff!

konde on 2015-05-27
Table version : alpha 0.8

No sound?

maffewl on 2015-05-26
Table version : alpha 0.8

I keep checking this site just to see how this table is coming along... keep up the great work!

zomer on 2015-05-21
Table version : alpha 0.6

The ball gets stuck a lot in the top part. Solution: set goalKicker X to 276 (-1).

Edit: Variable error line 2166. Change 'loops' to 'Loops'.


zortex1989 on 2015-05-20
Table version : alpha 0.6

why sound not working


Humanfly on 2015-05-02
Table version : alpha 0.01

Finaly WCS !!! thanks man!

i have no sound of dmd? en bal stuck many times

toyotaboy on 2015-04-14
Table version : alpha 0.01

Oh man, I hope this gets finished.  This seems like it took a while.  Looks great so far!

tvpit on 2015-04-13
Table version : alpha 0.01

I have change the Goal Ramp high in editor from 65 to 63mm,don't stack now,but more bugs yet.

hope a update coming soon.Laughing

rahan(54 on 2015-04-13
Table version : alpha 0.01

j ai fais comme tu m a dis

mais pour extraire le dossier dans future pinball

je comprends pas

désolé je crois que je suis un peu nulEmbarassed

merci pour tes conseils

fuzzi23 on 2015-04-12
Table version : alpha 0.01

AWESOME!!! Many thanks! :D

jositochanante on 2015-04-11
Table version : alpha 0.01

FANTASTIC , this is one of my favorite tables on Visual Pnball THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

ghostmachine on 2015-04-11
Table version : alpha 0.01

Smile lots of new tables.. makes my friday a good one.

FYI. just got done playing.. 1st load up ball got stuck in CoinDrop.. but then after restart it worked.. then 5 minutes later ball got stuck in ramp.. heres a picture.. ball is actually stuck there.. LOL.. nice table though.. you can save this image to desktop and it gets bigger.. 

Table detail

World Cup Soccer 1.6 stats

byrom, smoke
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number2811

REMEMBER CAB USER: swap dmd name to have the display onto the backglass and delete the  HUD DMD
WARNING starting from V1.6, this table require latest BAM version (  or it will not work !
BAM users:
My personnal physics (used on all tables in my virtual pinball) is included. If you use BAM it will be automatically used.
unless you choose to remove the my xml file to use your personnal physics

FAKE ball reflexion for BAM user (remove if you don't like it)

' real magnet !!!!!
' sound fix
' Each goal in the final match is worth 7.5M and a win is worth 50M.
' bug fix on left ramps tickets not working with diverter ON
' bug fix on final match wizard mode
' bug fix on ramps tickets not working after final
' bug fix on cointoss sometines not counting a skillshot

' bug fix
' rules adjustment
' final release (bug free?)
' added sounds


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