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josecabello le 2016-10-21
Version de la table : SE4


ghostmachine le 2014-09-17
Version de la table : SE4

fun. fun. fun. fun. FUUUN.!!! Yell

Zorgar le 2014-08-24
Version de la table : SE4

I don't have a scoreboard and thus I don't know the score. Come on! Scoring is inportant in pinball.

LadyScarlett01 le 2014-07-23
Version de la table : SE4

merci bien.

springdmp le 2013-10-24
Version de la table : SE4

Where did Flame Reaper Ultra 1.02 go? I see references to it in google and on the site, but it's nowhere to be found.Frown

dejanne le 2013-08-20
Version de la table : SE4

good work!!


rebooter le 2013-02-11
Version de la table : SE4


raddar le 2013-02-01
Version de la table : SE4

One of the very first, and still one of the very best tables in future pinball

shadowsclassics le 2012-12-11
Version de la table : SE4

As a firefighter, I was blown away by this table. Very very cool. All the guys on the Dept. just love this table. First rate all the way!  Thank you so, so much for making a Firefighter based table of this exceptional quality!

matt davis le 2012-11-12
Version de la table : SE4

This is a GREAT table.  Very fun. IMO, it's not too hard (as others have said). I like it to take many games to discover everything, as long as the drains are fair and play is fluid. The left/right drain block-toy-thing is very cool and adds a really surprising amount to the fun.   This table is top notch and is one of the best FP origianls I have played.  THANKS!


pasappie le 2011-11-18
Version de la table : SE4

My Favorite!!

police99 le 2011-08-03
Version de la table : SE4

intéressant merci

KAL72 le 2011-05-07
Version de la table : SE4

perfect! thanks.

rcadefrk le 2011-01-30
Version de la table : SE4

Top Notch Table

njtxus le 2010-12-30
Version de la table : SE4

very professionally done. great work

Drusus64 le 2010-12-23
Version de la table : SE4

Wow, thats an incredible work. Great Table Congratulation and many thanks for this Pinball, its very very funny.

settingsons le 2010-12-05
Version de la table : SE4

Been enjoying this table for months now. Fantastic piece of work. Thank you Steve and Anthias.

pinballmaniac2010 le 2010-09-07
Version de la table : SE4

one of my favorites :)

chanfc2005 le 2010-09-02
Version de la table : SE4

Good table!

PIZZ le 2010-07-24
Version de la table : SE4

Top notch !! One of my favorite new tables

spongrel le 2010-06-18
Version de la table : SE4

Very nice table!

polygame le 2010-06-02
Version de la table : SE4

Don't play too often then

philbury le 2010-06-02
Version de la table : SE4

I love the look and feel but find it too difficult to play too often.

cyberneticorganism le 2010-05-22
Version de la table : SE4

i gave it a 4 cause it so hard. graphics are awesome.

Anthias le 2010-04-18
Version de la table : SE4

SE5 was not an authorised mod of this table.

pobredemi le 2010-04-17
Version de la table : SE4

Fantastic table, it is a madness, it he puts the hair of top

moog le 2010-03-25

As always steve tables are incredible. No exception for this one. And, this one is hard enough and very addictive!

gt350 le 2010-02-12

Upgrade did the trick. Best pin since the upgrade to 3 angels. Thanks

pinball666 le 2010-02-07

Very nice table

SLAMT1LT le 2010-02-04

Quick fix for the countdown timer - insert this line of text (FightFireDisp.Text = CountingTime) into lines 413 and 1674 of the script (without the brackets). Should show the correct time when you hit the left ramp.

switchblade2k2 le 2010-02-02

awesome table, very challeneging!!! We found a glitch, if u dont put out fire the 1st time through the drop targets the experiration counter does not reset to 60 seconds and eventually u lose since u can get fire hose back.. other than that. Awesome!!

purcell le 2010-02-02

Full action pinball!The sliding walls pains your fingertips! Superb table!

sast05 le 2010-01-31

Brilliant effort! Still haven't found a good strategy for avoiding the sliding walls!

HappyHour le 2010-01-31

Very good table! Awesome graphics! It would be nice if the soundtrack would react more on events of the table; right now it just seems like a looped soundfile.

vartaxe le 2010-01-31

nice table!

FreeLunch le 2010-01-31

6/5 stars, this is my new favorite table

popo le 2010-01-30

Amazing Table, the sliding walls are great. Many Thanks for this Table!!!

Dark Cypher le 2010-01-30

Nice work. Well done to the makers. A lot of fun to be had here!

rossicomputers le 2010-01-30

Table plays awesome...

Congrats Steve...

moogster66 le 2010-01-29

Awesome work! A masterpiece! Watch out for the sliding walls near the flippers!

xmun le 2010-01-29

Absolutely top shelf. Looks Great,Plays Great..WELL DONE

nacolea le 2010-01-29


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