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twentydegree le 2013-07-19
Version de la table : 1.7

Seems, somes likes harder games. Thank's for the votes and comments it make my self more know what peoples like and dont like. You can write also on Gopinball Laughing

hawkshaw le 2013-07-19
Version de la table : 1.7

Visually it looks nice but after playing my first game for 25 minutes i started thinking "is this game ever gonna end" so i lost the balls on purpose just to finally end the boredom.

gellijack le 2013-07-16
Version de la table : 1.7

Thanks very much aime. The skull looks like Achmed the Terrorist lol

I am now downloading 1.7. Keep up the good work. It is appreciated

police99 le 2013-07-15
Version de la table : 1.7


momoch le 2013-07-01
Version de la table : 1.4

Crazy table ... I like it ! Nice work !

Thanks a lot for the sharing

BernieGeorge le 2013-06-30
Version de la table : 1.4

Funny table. Thank you. Tongue out

Détail de la table

Crazy Skull Pinball 1.7 stats


Its an original table called Crazy Skull v1.4 it have taken me week's to find free content to put in as sounds, musics, 3d model and others. The Skull model i had to modify it and optimize it, because it had to much polygones. Since a comment had said the skull look more as a block. I have optimize it but less. I have also added some spiders and a electric chandelier; also optimized but sory for the blocky look. I think about peoples who dont have a hotrod PC.

It have stereo sounds effects that most i hava managed.

A Skull Shot (Skill Shot)

5 Differents game objectifs.

A Bonus Points, when the ball is lost into the drain.

The possibility to have a Mega Bonus Points that can be added if you have completed all the objectif.

Can be played, up to 4 players.

5 Balls per game.

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