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phoenixcraig le 2017-09-18
Version de la table : 3.1

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ESMERALDA le 2017-08-05
Version de la table : 3.1

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gibsmedat le 2016-06-17
Version de la table : 3.1

Table version: doesn't play ball with physics 2.7 (ball stuck in launcher)

gellijack le 2014-04-29
Version de la table : 3.1


zedster le 2014-03-28
Version de la table : 3.1

Fantastic job creating this table, guys. Huge playability and replay value and fun to the ultimate. Thanks so much for bringing this table to us,


cruzader le 2013-09-27
Version de la table : 3.1

Plays really great. Sound is fantastic. Although I suck on this table, I love it. Tried it on Physics 2.5 - there is a strange behaviour: Ball is popping endlessly between the two base bumpers...

But as the author mentioned - the table only works correct until physics 2.3!

skinooe le 2013-09-27
Version de la table : 3.1

Rocks well with Pysics 2.5

ein geiles Gameply- ein "must have"

kobe le 2013-05-17
Version de la table : 3.1

Wonderful table. Thanks. Enable use of st3c makes it work, enable non power of 2 option might help too since most tables use this format. Merci DevilsDare.

DevilsDare le 2013-04-12
Version de la table : 3.1


By the way really better than the first one i love the video in the dmd but i prefer the ancient music :)

5 stars i love it thx guys.

Merci Popotte ;)

Wade007 le 2013-04-05
Version de la table : 3.1

Nice table update. Not sure if the background music fits the genre.

Also... I checked out the forum link for this table and a more accurate translation for the "PS" comment (originally in Spanish) is as follows:

This version uses Physics 2.3 or later. I don't know if problems will occur in other versions of Future Pinball. I'd just like to comment and say that I will not be executing updates since my time is very limited and regrettably, already taken by the great effort it is to contribute and support things in the forum. Greetings to all and enjoy the table.

mrandersonneo2001 le 2013-04-01
Version de la table : 3.1

same problem here with 3.1 desktop and win 7 64 :(

it loads to the end, and then crash :(


mthompson le 2013-03-31
Version de la table : 3.1

niether version loads with 2.5 and 7 64.


doudou10 le 2013-03-29
Version de la table : 3.1


police99 le 2013-03-29
Version de la table : 3.1


stevegooner123 le 2013-03-28
Version de la table : 3.1

cab version is great,love the video playing card dmd on the backbox Smile

arris le 2013-03-28
Version de la table : 3.1

looks great 

Détail de la table

Big Spender 2000 3.1 stats

parlacarril, polygame homepage , Popotte homepage

2 Versions - Desktop and CAB

There is a difference in both versions as in the ver.cabina the score and the ball in play are shown in the backglass DMD while the ver.Escritorio the score remains on the playfield. 

PS: This version uses 2.3 on later physical and ignore problems can occur if new versions of Future Pinball.Solo comment that fails to take updates as my time is very limited and I already demands a lot of things contribute to the forum, in spite Greetings ... my kids and enjoy from the table ...

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