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2017-10-18 - Future Pinball

Help on Installing "Future Pinball" and "Better Arcade Mode" (BAM)

This posting provides links to instructions on how to install Future Pinball and BAM.

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2012-10-02 - General

Minor evolutions

A little update

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2012-09-14 - General

Some site evolutions

New collection field, help us page, and more

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Flash needed, download it here


Welcome to

In this place you'll find an unofficial list of almost every tables ever produced for Future Pinball.

Future Pinball is a free pinball simulator created by Christopher "Black" Leathley. It is available at the Future Pinball official website.

Latest Table Releases

Haunted House 0.81


by Daz on 2018-02-25

#Custom Physics

Gottlieb (1982)

Show Boat 1.0

Image: Playfield

by Margoni on 2018-02-25

Gottlieb (1961-04)

The Walking Dead ProX 1.10

Image: Playfield

by Aduke homepage , GeorgeH, RL on 2018-02-23

#Custom Physics #FP Physics 2.7

Stern (2014)

defender wip


by on 2018-02-23


Masters of the Universe Mastered Edition 2


by GeorgeH, Gimli, Hyperion, rom, TerryRed on 2018-02-23

#Custom Physics

The Matrix 2.0 MOD

The Matrix 2.0 MOD

by GaBRi, Nitronimbus on 2018-02-21

Random Table

HULK 1.01

Layout night

by francisco666 on 2012-07-16

Gottlieb (1970-10)

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